Guardians of the Galaxy #25

    Guardians of the Galaxy » Guardians of the Galaxy #25 - Thanos Lives released by Marvel on June 2010.

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    3010 A.D.

    The Guardians of the galaxy consisting of Charlie-27, Starhawk, Major Victory, Yondu and Martinex prepare to go to the council of the "Guardians of all Galaxies". When they come in, a discussion starts as to whether the error from the past imperfect has vanished completely. Other beings search the logs of the past Guardians and discover that the error happened in 2009 A.D. They cannot discern the cause, initially blaming a parallel version of Major victory for the rupture of the timeline. However, Starhawk soon realizes that the devious Thanos had been resurrected at that point of time, and that he was the cause of the error.

    2010 A.D.

    The remaining members of the Guardians travel to the planet of Sacrosanct. To their horror, they discover that the homeworld of the Universal Church of Truth is in flaming ruins. Suddenly they are met by Cosmo, Gamora and Mantis. The Guardians are relieved and shocked to see them alive, but their happiness is short-lived.

    A raging Thanos come charging at them. He is angry for being wrongfully woken from eternal slumber and brought back to life. He destroys everything in his path, and Sacrosanct is itself proof of that. The Guardians try to stop Thanos, but fail to do any considerable damage. Even the combined power of the telepaths cannot break his mental shield. Starlord knows that they have little time, before Thanos decimates them. So he plays the last ace up his sleeve.

    He calls Thanos and shows him the cosmic cube, that Kang had given him earlier. Thanos forgets his rage and stares at the cube, bathing in the magnificent glory of its sheer, raw power. As he comes too close, Starlord wishes a last burst of power from the cube. The cube levels Thanos with one single blast before extinguishing itself. The telepaths take control immediately. Still, Thanos murmurs that his resurrection will cause the death of every living being in the universe.

    Later, back inside Knowhere, Starlord honors the memory of Phyla-Vell and other brave souls who have fallen in the wars. Then the team drinks to each others' health.


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    Guardians of the Galaxy #25Lead-in to: The Thanos ImperativeEverybody was amazed and relieved when we found out that half of the 616 continuity Guardians were actually not dead. Equally astonished at the sight of the mad titan Thanos emerging from a cacoon at the end of the last book. Realm of Kings is wrapping up and we still don’t have any sign of Blackbolt, Vulcon, or the Cathulu-verse Quasar. This can only lead to good things right? Okay proably not. I’m wondering if this epic tale is taking...

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