Batman #698

    Batman » Batman #698 - Riddle Me This, Part 1: Black Magic Tricks released by DC Comics on June 2010.

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     Only two months until BATMAN #700! As the landmark issue nears, Dick Grayson's life as The Dark Knight heats up in a big way. With Black Mask out of the way for good, the Falcone crime family attempts to fill that void – with no regard for the safety of Gotham City's citizens! And what's going on with the Riddler?

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    Did Batman get lost in a riddle of reviews? 0

    This issue of Batman had an amzing start. Dick is having a nightmare that he's swinging in the circus with his parents. Everything is fine until familiar faces appear and torture Dick about taking the mantel of Batman. Dick wakes up in total terror. His face was so terrified that it didn't even look like him. Later Batman and Commissioner Gordon are working on a murder case, where Riddler appears asking if he could help. The clues are not matching up to the case. Then another murder happens. No ...

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    Review: Batman #698 0

    There are plenty of on-going Batman books going on right now, and this main title seems to get lost in the shuffle. Tony Daniel starts a new arc here, writing, as an old Batman foe returns to best the Dark Knight. Daniel's last story I felt was sub-par, up until that very last issue when he revealed who the new Black Mask was. Tony Daniel is known for his art, but in this second story, he seems to be filling in as a writer much better. This new story gets back into something I've always been a f...

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    "Assume You're being played." 0

    Batman 698 brings us that much close to issue #700.  With that being said, I hope this doesn't turn out to be a filler 2 issue arc.    What you need to know is that from the last arc, which spanned 6 issues, Dick was infected with a toxin and was under the control of the Penguin for a while.  Black Mask was revealed and Edward Nigma, The Riddler, was caught in an explosion but survived.    The Good If you're a Riddler fan, then like inferiorego said this is your issue.  He pops up all over the p...

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