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What is Illyana Rasputin up to? In NEW MUTANTS #1, she returned from who knows where with knowledge that she says is from the future. A future where things aren’t going well for the X-Men. Emma Frost is not going to settle for this question being unanswered.


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And they lived happily ever after 0

 It's kinda funny - while Necrosha continues to rage in X-Force, NM has a brand new story.  Is it not reasonable to harmonize event-timing in all the series involved? 'cause it's only just started in Legacy & there are no mentions in Fraction's Uncanny. So, like I said, kinda funny...      In previous issues Doug Ramsey *SPOILER ALERT* was resurrected  via the Transmode Virus by Selene and Eli Bard, had almost killed Magma, fought with zombi-Hellions & (at last ) was revived by creepy Wa...

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The New Mutants # 9 0

 The details surrounding Illyana Rasputin's resurrection by the demon sorcerer Belasco come to light following the events  of the "Quest For Magik" story arc in the New X-Men, but what does it mean for everyone's favorite team of mutant super heroes? According to Illyana, it means the summoning of the Elder Gods, and the end of all life as we know it. When Emma Frost questions Illyana regarding her intentions, Illyana reveals that she spent years following her departure from Utopia after X-Infer...

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HA! I knew it... 0

Ive been speculating to those that would listen that because Illyana officially died, this cant be her. I was mostly wrong, but at the same time, i was very right. i wont go into detail, but this is a downtime issue. There's no huge battles, no super-crisis and no ethical arguments. This is just an issue of character development and back story... mostly good. They don't really get into too much, just some foreshadowing and story about where Illyana is coming from and why she is so heartless and ...

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