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    In the Bleak Midwinter
    On Christmas Eve, in Gotham City, Batman and Robin save two police officers from a car explosion. Robin puts out the fire with an extinguisher while Batman talks with the one of the officers. He tells her that the paramedics are on their way and that they will be okay. Officer Randall tells him that it was a hit and run. Batman asks if she saw who it was. She says yes but starts laughing. He asks what's funny and she says it's Gotham-funny. She said they was hit by a car mixed with a plow and a sleigh. And when it hit them, the driver stole all of the toys that they were taking to underprivileged kids. Batman asks who and she nods towards the idea of him being Santa Claus.
    Batman and Robin swing off when the paramedics arrive. Robin says that it was only a matter of time before Santa becomes one of their rogues gallery. Batman says that he must think he's too old for Christmas. They land on a rooftop. Robin says that Christmas is fine but he usually gets expensive things from his mother as gifts. He mentions that the year before, he received a private island. Batman says that used to think it was a big Christmas when Bruce allowed Alfred to make eggnog. They jump towards another roof. Robin says that you get better stuff when you're a real son. Batman sarcastically agrees.
    Working on a knocked over car with a plow on the side of the road, is the Santa look-alike. He attempts fixing the engine but hears noises in the background. He says that he didn't mean to make a fuss. He says that he broke his car and the police car. He feels bad that he hurt the officers. He says that they can be fixed and that he really needed the toys. Abuse walks up and sees that Santa may need help. He asks if he can help but, Santa says he's almost done and needs no help. Abuse picks up the car and puts it back on it's tires. Abuse mentions that he is looking for children that are missing and asks if Santa would know anything about it. Santa becomes nervous and hits him with a crowbar. He jumps in his car. He makes a u-turn and knocks Abuse down. Abuse becomes angry. Santa drives away.
    At an abandoned children's shelter, Santa stops and takes the bag of toys inside. He checks on the children's room and sees that they are asleep. He then gets to work in his workshop. He starts fixing the toys and putting them on each of the children's beds. Batman and Robin are at the door and reveal that Santa is actually Humpty Dumpty. Batman and Humpty exchange greetings and Batman says that the Broker told him where to look for him. Humpty is really nervous. Batman asks why he left Arkham to take residence in a children's shelter. Humpty says that he just wanted to make a nice home for the children he found. Robin questions the fact that he said found. Batman tells him to let Humpty talk. Humpty says he wanted to bring Christmas to the children. Batman tells him that its great that he has such spirit but he can't do the things he's doing. Robin tells Batman to wait for a minute but, Batman tells him that he's talking. Batman then tells Humpty that he can't run cops off the road. Robin yells to wait for a minute. Batman asks what. Robin notes that the lights are on and everyone is talking and that he just yelled. Batman acknowledges that he noticed this. Robin says that the kids haven't budged at all from their disturbance. He checks on the children and finds that they are all dead. Batman becomes disappointed in Humpty. Robin becomes angry and asks Humpty if he murdered the children. Humpty says no and Batman pulls Robin off of him. He tells Humpty to explain fast. Humpty explains that he found the children in their current state and that he usually gathers broken things from trash dumps and tries to put them back together again. Batman asks if he found the bodies in a dump. Humpty says no and Robin is getting annoyed. Humpty explains that he found them in the river and kept finding more and more each day. He was upset that they were killed near Christmas, that he hoped to give them a Christmas and hopefully it would fix them. Batman tells him that he couldn't put them back together again. Humpty agrees. Robin calls for someone to come pick up the bodies. Batman asks if Robin is okay while he hands him the phone. Robin then throws up in a bucket. Batman tells the police where to go. Robin swears that he will avenge the children's deaths. Batman agrees and says that it will both of them to do it. Abuse is watching from outside. He walks away in the snow. He thinks to himself about the situation. He arrives at a Catholic orphanage. A nun sees him walk inside and follows him. She looks in a young boy's room. She asks if he had seen a man but he says no. The nun walks away. Abuse's hat, jacket, and brass knuckles are hidden in the young boy's room. Another nun tells her to get to midnight mass. The nuns begin singing in the choir.
    Beneath the orphanage, boys are forced to fight each other to the death while criminals bet on the winners. Mr. Zsasz turns out to be the ring leader.

    Face Off
    Manhunter sits on a rooftop overlooking the hospital. She wishes for more simplicity in her life.

    Inside, Dylan Battles is on the hospital bed with a missing leg. He asks if he can get more morphine and where his leg is. A police officer has the leg in a bag and tells him. The doctor pulls out a torch and begins cutting into Dylan's armor. Kate Spencer walks into the room and dismisses the officers. She asks him why he would come to Gotham City to work for the Black Mask. He tells her that he actually works for Two-Face and is trying to frame Black Mask. Kate responds sarcastically and Dylan fights it. She tells him that she needs his help in keeping him out of prison. Commissioner Gordon and Officer Sawyer walk in and ask to talk to Kate. Gordon scolds Kate for having informants that he doesn't know about. Dylan makes fun of her. Kate reassures Gordon that it won't happen again. Gordon tells her that as long as they understand each other, he will let her pass for now. Kate asks to discuss the case with him over dinner sometime. Before he could answer clearly, she implies that he agrees to it. She leaves. Gordon asks Sawyer if he was just asked out on a date and Sawyer tells him that if he doesn't take her up on it, she will.
    In Two-Face's hideout, his henchmen explain to him what happened to Dylan. They tell him that Manhunter cut off his leg and they ran away. Two-Face asks if Dylan was alive when they left and they say yes. He calls him an idiot and shoots him in the head. He tells his other henchmen to dump his body in Suicide Swamp. A news report plays. It addresses the situation involving Dylan Battles. Two-Face hopes that Dylan doesn't betray him.
    Back in the hospital, Kate asks the nurse how Dylan is. The nurse tells her that he's doped up and will be out for a while. She asks if there will be any luck with his leg and the nurse says no. Kate then asks to speak with the nearest officer. She tells him to not let a soul into Dylan's room that isn't already approved. Not even Batman. She then asks why there is only one guard and not many like she asked. He tells her that there are budget cuts.
    Inside Dylan's room, he tries to whisper to his nurse. He thinks Dylan is seeing things but Dylan is just trying to tell him to look behind him. Two-Face sneaks up and pistol whips the nurse and knocks out his tooth.
    The officer tells Kate that the guard are switching shifts and gets in the elevator. She hears a crash and runs off to a closet to change into Manhunter.
    Two-Face knocks Dylan onto the floor. Dylan threatens him to stay away. Two-Face tells him that it's time to die. Manhunter comes in and tells Two-Face that she was going to say the same thing. Two-Face asks her to come back in five minutes. She tells him no. She says to take it outside and knocks him out the window and jumps after him. They land on a lower rooftop without any problems. Two-Face tells her that he has no problem hitting a girl. She is glad. He tells her that overconfident heroes usually die. She assures him that she won't. She starts beating the crap out of him. He claims to be Harvey Dent and asks for help. She says no and continues beating him. He then offers her a job as an enforcer. She passes. She asks him if that's all he gots and why she shouldn't kill him. Suddenly, Batman and Robin appear. Two-Face gets excited. Batman tells Manhunter that he is going to stop her from killing him. Robin says he isn't and that he wants her to kill him.


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    Batman: Streets of Gotham #7. Streets of Gotham, in my opinion, is def the lesser of the Batman  titles. But i liked this issue. In the beginning of this issue we see Humpty Dumpty tear into some cops to steal the hand-me down Xmas gifts they were hauling for under privilaged kids. Batman and Robin manage to track Humpty down at an orphanage and find Humpty fixing the gifts for the kids at that orphanage. But Batman and Robin discover that all the kids at the orphanage are dead! Let me just say ...

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