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    "Elegy" part 2 of 4 by Greg Rucka and JH Williams III! Batwoman captures her enemy, a madwoman known only as Alice who sees her life as a fairy tale and everyone around her as expendable extras – including Kate! But when the tables are turned, Batwoman finds herself in a hallucination slamming the present into a collision with the past, and the hints of a threat that will claim the lives of every man, woman and child in Gotham City.

    And in the all-new co-feature starring the Question, Montoya's quest to find a missing young girl turns deadly.

    Detailed Plot Summary

    The bullet that Batwoman fired at Alice at the end of the last issue turns out to be a gas that escapes on impact. As Alice is trying to recover, Batwoman handles the men protecting her, and grabs Alice, using her grappling gun she and Alice go to a tower. Batwoman gives Alice something that neutralizes what we now know to be Pepper Gas. She needs answers from Alice and has to let her breath to hear them. Alice asks her what she calls herself to which Kate angrily tells Alice they tried to kill her and she wants to know why. Alice apparently has no idea what she's talking about. Kate demands to know why she matters so much to these people. Kate soon understands that everything Alice is saying is coming from Alice in Wonderland. Alice, the leader of the Religion of Crime is apparently a lunatic saying she speaks "Fluent Crazy." Alice's servants try to get to her but Kate isn't done with her yet. Alice, meanwhile has a razor hidden in her mouth and uses it to cut Batwoman's face. Batwoman soon realizes that the razor is poisoned and tries to flee, however she gets grabbed by her hair, which comes off, giving Batwoman enough time to escape for the moment. She begins hallucinating seeing what appears to be a younger version of herself being dragged away by men in masks.

    Back at the bunker her father asks if she's back yet and heads over to the computer seeing a GPS of her location and realizing that she has poison in her system. Alice is surrounded by her followers who tell her that they are sorry for their failure and will succeed in the future. She shoots one of them telling them she can do well without them. As she heads into the forest after Batwoman her followers join her. Batwoman is still hallucinating and eventually her father finds her, but so do Alice and her followers. As they exchange fire, Kate jumps in front of her father to shield him from the bullets and as Alice and The colonel face off, there is a growl from the woods and creatures come out from beind The Colonel.

    In the second feature Renee is confronted by the men she saw last time. They try to attack her but she takes them down easily. She learns of the location of the person she is looking for and follows that lead. As she eavesdrops on a room a man comes up and uses a stun gun on her knocking her out.



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    Better Than Issue #854 0

    I liked this issue better than the last one, which is good, but the last issue didn't really blow me away like it did for a bunch of other people. In this issue though, I really started liking it and I see the allure. I understand why people love this "new" series. The action is intense (this entire issue is just one confrontation between Batwoman and Alice) and I think it is both creepy and creative that Alice talks only in quotes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I think that makes her so...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Did anyone else start sweating during this? 0

    This issue is wrought with sexual tension. Williams knows how to draw women, and he knows how to draw two women in a tussle even better. I found the art to be so fantastic that at times it was almost a distraction. I wanted to keep flipping pages not because of the story but because of the art.  Sometimes that can be a draw back though. Reading the issue a second time allowed me to follow the story better. And it's just kinda alright.Batwoman is still investigating this cult and she's facing off...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Elegy, Part 2. 0

    Batwoman is back and we find her face to face with Alice.  The leader of the Religion of Crime.  What a couple of characters.  These two have some great exchanges of dialogue, punches and interesting moments.  This Alice is a clever one and appears to have gotten the best of Batwoman midway through this issue. The characters here are great.  The way this Alice is evolving in one issue is fantastic, I already love to hate her.  Batwoman definitely has her hands full with this one.  The are is fan...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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