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The Huntress & Robin take on Deathangel and Mandy Paul in "Benedictions Part 3: Vengeance and Forgiveness." Batman appears in one panel. Part 3 of 3, continued from Robin (1993) #6. Script by Chuck Dixon, art by Phil Jimenez & Peter Gross. Plus: Sparx! in "Allure of New Orleans" by Karl Kesel, Scott Lee & Brad Vancata; The Atom in "The Uncertainty Principle" by Len Kaminski, Fred Reyes & Rick Burchett.

Huntress & Robin – Benedictions, Part 3: Vengeance and Forgiveness

Continued from Robin #6. Huntress successfully saves Robin from Deathangel, but Deathangel manages to make his escape. Huntress & Robin discover that Mandy DePaolo has chosen the Gotham City landfill as the place for her takeover of the Gotham City mafia. Robin & Huntress arrive and stop the mass hit. Deathangel appears and confronts his sister Mandy, but Mandy kills him. Robin and Huntress take Mandy into custody.

Sparx – Allure of New Orleans

Now the super-hero Sparx, D.C. Force travels to New Orleans to gather advice from her aunt Allure for how to deal with her powers. Allure is cautious at first, worried that the Force Family has sent Sparx to retrieve her. However, Allure warms to Sparx. The two are attacked by Captain Boomerang, who is quickly defeated. After an awkward comment, Sparx takes her leave.

Atom – The Uncertainty Principle

The Atom Ray Palmer is called upon by the New York Police Department to help defuse a bomb. The Atom not only gets the job done, but he also scores a date with C.J. Esterhauz, head of the NYPD bomb squad.


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