Batman and Robin #2

    Batman and Robin » Batman and Robin #2 - Batman Reborn Part 2: Circus of Strange released by DC Comics on September 1, 2009.

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     Issue #2 Starts off with Dick Grayson sitting on the steps in the Bat-Bunker looking defeated while Alfred asks him what happened.  We Flash back to the last scene of Batman and Robin from the first issue, with them gliding down towards GCPD.  Once they land they have a conversation with Gordon about it being a long time since they were seen together.  Mid conversation an officer gets a call from the desk downstairs that something is wrong.  Batman and Robin immediately head down the stairs, while an officer comments to Gordon about how they used to be taller and how Batman sounded different.  Gordon replies "Different, maybe...but familiar."  
    Downstairs there is an apparent break out attempt as Batman and Robin work together for the first time.  Despite Batman's orders to stay with him Robin chases after a villain by himself.  Robin begins attacking the goon while Batman again states he needs Robin with him.  Batman subdues  numerous criminals as Gordon arrives with backup.  We then flash forward back to the Bunker where Alfred learns of the fatalities of the breakout and Dick states he knew one of them from his days with the Bludhaven PD.   
    Flash back to the PD, where Robin has the one villain with a bucket on his head hitting it with a stick.  Gordon warns him to step away from the person, but not until Batman grabs his hand does he stop, but not without his complaints.  We then learn that Toad has died mysteriously in his cell while all this going on.  Back at the Bunker Dick tries telling Damian there are limits to which they can go to, and he brushes it off.  Dick warns him about how Gordon will hunt them if they go over the line.  Dick criticizes Damian's tactics and Damien criticizes Dick's portrayal of Batman.   

    Damian tells Dick he doesn't respect him and throws the Robin symbol on the ground as he walks away.  Coming full circle we see how we got to this part of the story.  Dick asks Alfred if he was ever that much of a brat when he was Robin and Alfred reminds him that he had loving parents for years, while Damian has only had Talia and Assassins, far away from Bruce's influence.  Dick then comments how he believes Gordon and the cops don't think he's Batman.     
    Alfred reminds Dick that his roots are show business and to think of his Batman not as a memorial but as a great role like Hamlet, to play it to your own personal strengths.  As Dick reclaims the mantle the show must go on.  Damien meanwhile has found a lead in a run-down Circus where he see's what appears to be a child in a cage warning him to look out behind him, it's too late however as he is surrounded and taken down with ease.   Professor Pyg makes his second appearance (cameo in batman #666) leaving Damian to become his prisoner    

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    Review of Batman and Robin #2 0

                     I’ll risk sounding cliche when I say Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s Batman and Robin #2 is good comics. I can’t really put it more eloquently than that. Almost every aspect of this book shines, from the writing, to the pencils, to the ink, and most of the coloring. I could honestly tell by the first page that this issue was going to be great and it didn’t disappoint.                 The first thing you see when you open this book is a full page panel of Dick Grayson wearing...

    9 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Better Than Issue #1 0

    I give this five stars. Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. But FIVE! stars.  The art is fantastic. Frank Quitely can draw the interiors of rooms with such detail and accuracy that it looks like a photo. Most artists draw the characters well but then put some mindless blobs in the background to make it seem like they're in a room or something. With Frank Quitely, he draws the room and you feel like you are inside of the room. His proportions are spot on and his level of detail is stunning. He...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Nice! 0

     the better part of this issue is comprised of Flashbacks, concerning the struggles of the newly appointed Batman Dick Grayson. Batman defiantly has his hands full. Both with the new Robin Damian, and  his struggle to fill the shoes that Bruce has left. add the immediate threat from a band of super human carnival performers and you've got a recipe for disaster. I felt that the story worked well in such that it was able to make me question Dick's ability to fill the role of Batman (a good example...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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