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    Where were you when Captain America died? It's the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U...a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for... or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it's both. Plus, contributions from Cap creators past and present, including a very special essay by Joe Simon, a classic story from Cap’s Golden Age, a full gallery of 600 Cap covers, and more anniversary shenanigans than you can shake a shield at!


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    Quality Issue - Super Long 0

    Okay, so I read this and it took like FOREVER to read. I don't know how many pages this is, but frankly the back-up stories were not worth my time. Two things that I think this book needed, 1: better format. Brubaker's individual stories all got their own titles on the top but the backup stories did not and I didn't understand why and overall, the format just could have been more cohesive. 2: more reader-friendlyness. This is the biggest issue here. Who is Rikki Barnes? I have no clue. Why is sh...

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    Captain America #600: Copied Art, Constipation, and Metal Peglegs 0

    I also posted this on my blog.Before I get started on the issue, I just want to say that I'm happy I was able to get my mitts on this. I had heard about it selling out at Diamond and it being released on Monday (wish I had known that beforehand...), so I was a bit nervous about having to wait until today to get it. So as I walked into the shop with my heart beating out of my chest (a bit over-dramatic) and rounded the... I think I'll skip to the end. Anyway, I saw the gorgeous Alex Ross cover an...

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    Choppy and Confusing? 0

    This issue felt very choppy to me.  It seemed as soon as a story would get started, it ended on the next page.  It was difficult for me to get into the individual stories.   I realize this issue is a transition type story... well, I should say, I think that's what it was going for.  Where are these characters a year after the Cap "died".   As someone getting back into comics, and trying to jump into the Cap series, this was terribly confusing and annoying that it seemed broken up and unconnected...

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