Dark Reign: The Hood #1

    Dark Reign: The Hood » Dark Reign: The Hood #1 - Payday released by Marvel on July 2009.

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    Straight from the pages of NEW AVENGERS and DARK REIGN: THE CABAL—go deep into the cutthroat world of The Hood! You may know him as the tough-talking crime boss who’s organizing the villains of NYC while wheeling and dealing with the likes of Loki and Dr. Doom. But what about his pregnant girlfriend, addict cousin and institutionalized mother that we met back in his debut mini? And what price is he paying for his rapid climb up the ranks of crime and power? Writer Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS) and Kyle Hotz (THE HOOD: BLOOD FROM STONES) invite you to spend a week in the life of Parker Robinson, one of the key characters in Dark Reign, as he struggles to keep his professional and personal lives from destroying each other!


    Someone waits for someone on 53rd street on a stake-out. Minutes later the target appears. It is the Hood.

    Meanwhile members of the Hood's gang wait in three different locations waiting for three trucks heading down three different routes. Only one of these trucks is the real target. While Piledriver and Bushwacker wait up town, and Griffin and Crossfire wait at the George Washington Bridge, Thunderball, Wreaker and John King wait in Central Park. The target truck is filed with a fortune kept by the sex crazed son of the Sultan of Brunel Bubu Marzouk. Meanwhile Bubu is in a limo with a masked prostitute who turns out to be Madam Masque who finds out from Bubu the real location of the fortune truck.

    The truck is in Central Park. Thunderball knocks over the truck with his wreaking ball. Two men get out of the trucks nad shot bullets at Thunderball and Wreaker which have no effect. But then they pull out paralyzing guns which hurt the two. Bt they are saved by the Hood was in Central Park the whole time in vanishing mode. He shots the two men in the face. They drag the bodies in the truck and leave the park.

    On the ride back, Hood begins o think if he is killing people for no reason. He is then confronted by Dormammu who tells Parker that he is always going to be by the Hood's side at all times. No matter what.

    That night the Hood and his gang celebrate the capture of the treasure with a party of drinks and strippers. Meanwhile Controller talks of a plan with other gang members about a plan to heist Stark Tech. Hood gets into the meeting canceling Controller's plan. After Hood leaves to see Madam Masque, Demonicous and Controller mock Hood' s authority but John King comes in explaining who Hoods roots as a criminal at the start has gotten him and his gang to the top while they have failed in the past because they started as scientists and later as criminals. Meanwhile Hood and Madam Masque joke around in a private room before getting sexual with each other.

    Moments later Parker arrives at the home of Sara and his daughter Brianna. It is revealed that Parker is just trying to make sure his daughter has a better life so she won't have to struggle. Sara tells Parker she doesn't mind what he does, but she doesn't want anyone to die at his hands.

    Later on Hood sneaks into a building but is smashed threw a window by the one targeting him. As the Hood lays a wreak on the floor, White Fang stands above him.


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    The Hood's story in Dark Reign I always thought was probably the best one of them all. This is the first comic of his 5 issue story and sheds a lot of light on the Hood. Parker Robbins we see in this comic try to balance being a family man with being a gangster who leads Super Villains. Parker is shown with some redeeming qualities as well as very bad qualities that makes him interesting as a villain since he's not a cut and paste stereotypical villain like Dr. Doom (I do like Doom by the way) w...

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