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Following his battle with Jackal and a Spider-Clone, Spider-Man questions whether he is the real web-slinger or a clone injected with memories. Spidey seeks the help of Dr. Curt Connors, but before the results are revealed, Spencer Smythe arrives on the scene with new Spider-Slayer weaponry!

Spider-Man...or Spider-Clone?

At the start of this issue, Peter Parker is standing alone in his apartment, worrying since he might be a clone. After a moment of pondering, he swings off to Curt Conner's laboratory, so he can test to see if he's a clone. As he does so, a mysterious figure watches him on a video screen, planning revenge against Spider-Man. In the lab, Spider-Man is trying to work out how he can test to see if he's a clone or not- when Curt Connors comes in. Spider-Man tells him his problem and they then start doing tests. After a few hours, they're done. Connors tells Spider-Man that they won't have the final results for a few hours and that he should lie down for a while.

Spider-Man wakes up to hear the Vulture outside, taunting him. He worries that if the Vulture were to harm Connors, he might never find out whether he's a clone or not, so he jumps out to attack the Vulture. After a brief scuffle, the Vulture charges into a wall as Spider-Man lands on his back. Spider-Man jumps off just before the collision and for some reason the Vulture explodes when he collides with the wall. As Spider-Man tries to work out what happens, he is attacked by the Sandman. Spider-Man manages to drop a water tower on Sandman, but as he does, the Sandman also explodes, just as the Vulture did. By now Spider-Man is really confused, and still worn out from the tests, and so he swings back to Connors' lab; but on the way, he is attacked by the Kingpin. Spider-Man lands a few punches but just like Sandman and Vulture, Kingpin explodes.

Spider-Man then stumbles through an alley, wondering if it could all be a dream. He is unexpectedly approached by Spencer Smythe in his Spider-Slayer, who was the mysterious person watching him before. As Smythe fights Spider-Man, he tells him of how the villains he's fought that night were just robots that he made, designed to weaken him, both physically and mentally. Spider-Man thinks he's going to die, and realizes that Mary Jane is the girl he loves. He then realizes that since he loves Mary Jane, and not Gwen Stacy, he couldn't be the clone, because the clone would have been motivated by Professor Warren to like Gwen. With this knowledge, Spider-Man smashes the Spider-Slayer to bits, not giving up now that he knows who he is.

Spider-Man then goes back to Connors' lab, where he finds that Curt has finished with his report. Of course, this is a report that Spidey need not read; for he has already found his answer.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Incredible Hulk And The Twins Of Evil!


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