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The Dark Avengers’ first mission shows Norman Osborn all the pluses and minuses of the choices he has made for his team. So changes must be made. Some come, some go, and not everyone is happy about it.


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The Dark Reign continues in Dark Avengers 0

Brian Michael Bendis brings us a continuation of Norman Osbourne's secret dealings with Dr Doom.  It picks up directly from the last issue with Doom and Osbourne (as Iron Patriot) heading back in time to take on sorceress Morgana Le Fay who destroyed The Sentry and turned Aries to stone in the last issue.  We get to watch the nefarious Dr Doom try to outsmart Le Fay while the rest of the team just tries to fight off her hordes and a couple of them try not to kill each other.  This is a decent st...

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"What's With Your Hair Anyhow?" 0

     Despite the last video where I sided with the New Avengers over the Dark Avengers, I do like the team.  I do like this comic.  I just think this story was a little lacking and lasted too long.  Bring on issue #5!...

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When being an Avenger ain't so special. 0

This isn't really the ending I had in mind. The cover makes you think one thing and I half expected it was a fake-out cover that after the last issue would be revealed in the catalog as Iron Patriot slugging Morgan Le Fay. But when have covers ever meant anything?This is the issue that wrapped up a 3 issue long fight between The Avenger and Le Fay. Doom and Osborn take care of her, but as she pointed out, Doom can't kill her or else it threatens his timeline too. So Doom gets creative. The rest ...

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