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    Prologue of "Maximum Security" Arc.

    Representatives of sentient races from throughout the galaxy are gathered on the intergalactic council planet of Selandiar, where their council is led by Lilandra. A Skrull representative reports that a cadre of Super Skrulls lead by Charles Xavier has interfered with their hatching process. He calls for a judgment against humanity via M'ndavian Justice. Lilandra interrupts the process by introducing a race applying for admission to the council – the technologically advanced merchants Ruul - when news arrives that the planet Krylor has been destroyed by Ego.

    Ego rampage through space continues unchecked. He strips planets of their life as he seeks to awaken another celestial body to self-awareness. A Shi'ar-led fleet meant to be sacrificed to lure Ego into a trap is thwarted by Silver Surfer, intent on rescuing survivors of the destruction. Representatives on Selandiar see this as yet another example of humanity's interference with intergalactic affairs, since Silver Surfer is viewed as a human sympathizer.

    With Ego's progress seemingly unstoppable, he soon arrives at Selendiar. He easily overwhelms the planet's defenses, but his attack is interrupted by Charles Xavier and his small team of Super-Skrulls. On Ego's surface they are able to punch through Ego's defenses, aided by Silver Surfer. At a crucial moment, their precision psychic strike is joined by the blast of an unknown ship. Together, the offensive renders Ego unconscious – possibly dead.

    On Selandiar, the council sees Xavier and Surfer's initiative as further example of humanity's hubris. The council votes unanimously to strike against Earth to contain the human threat. As Lilandra contemplates her duty, the Ruul representative volunteers that there is a way to contain humanity without eradicating them complete.


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    Marvel stitches together the spurious motives for a crossover by having all of the sentient extraterrestrials in the universe side against interfering humans – a move that's nakedly meant to anger the reader, since it's mostly predicated on interventionist hijinks of the beloved X-Men and Avengers. Story & Script  Kurt Busiek finds himself with the thankless task of fabricating a company-wide crossover from scratch in a single issue. While he's left some threads from both recent and histori...

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