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When Booster Gold's ancestor mistakenly captures a strange-looking starfish for his would-be girlfriend, all hell breaks loose! After being possessed by Starro the Conqueror, a Time Master travels through history spreading body-snatching clones in order to take over Earth one era at a time! Can Booster save humanity from an invading alien force?

Booster Gold and his twin sister, Goldstar, save a unnamed girl from a building falling on her.

The two siblings discuss how they can't change the past only repair it, and the unnamed girl was suppose to live.  The two then enter a time sphere and return to Rip Hunters Lab and are surprised to find Rip with a Starro on his face.  The mind controled Rip was working on a time sphere but steals Booster's, and disappears into time.

Booster discovers that the mind controled Time master has gone back into time and changed history so the Starro has taken over.  Booster and Goldstar take the other less advanced time sphere into the time stream to track down where the Starro started.

They trace it to Avigon France 1348.  Booster and mind controled Rip fight and Booster tricks him into the time sphere and sends him into the future where he should be trapped untill Booster can come up with a plan.

Upon returning to the present the find out that Daniel Carter, Booster's great great grandfather, was the one who mistakenly brought the Starro into the present.  After some arguing Booster is jumped by Chronos and Lady Chronos, both under Starro control.

The two mind controled heros force Booster into a time sphere and kid nap him into the future where Starro has taken over. 

After a brief fight Mind controll Solomon Grundy throw Booster into a pit of Starro with the parting word "ONCE YOU ARE STARRO... STARRO WILL MURDER YOUR SON"


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