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They were genetically engineered to be supra-human weapons of mass destruction, but now they must walk amongst the people they were created to destroy. Hip Flask and Ebony Hide count amongst their number: Elephantmen. Even when befriended by a small girl, Hide is still haunted by his past and is forced to recognize that suspicion and contempt will always be his constant companions.

Santa Monica 2259

A large humanoid creature stands in front of an adult themed restaurant smoking. He has the frame of a human but the head of an elephant and dressed in a shabby tan trenchcoat, shirt and tie. A small girl walks up and asks if he's allowed inside? because her mum says her dad is not. He says he can.

She asks if he can pick his nose and he shows her can can put it in hsi own mouth, so she touches her nose with her tongue. She tells him that her friend says his kind are monsters and his mind flashes back...

North Africa 2241

where he and other humanoid animals carry massive weapons and spattered in blood.

The little girl breaks his reverie asking if he washes behind his ears, uncomfortable he asks where her mother is. She says across the street and she asks his name and says her name is Savannah. His name is Ebony.

She asks if he was a big baby...

North Africa 2224 at the HQ of MAPPO

where an African woman has a Cesarean section that kills her, giving birth to Ebony. He is put in a bubble with dozens of others to grow controlled by machines.

She asks if he goes home to Africa. He says its not his home and is not a place he wants to return to soon.

North Africa 2240

Ebony is boxing a massive humanoid warthog in a fight to the death as training.

The girl asks if he has a girl friend because he look like he needs one and she would like to be his if he wants.

West Africa 2243 U.S. Rehab

Ebony has tried to hang himself with a chain when a hippoman and a girl called Sahara come to his aid and discuss how after two years he's still finds it hard to deal with what he's seen and done.

The girl asks if he ever killed anyone and starts to draw on a sheet of paper.

North Africa 2241

A team of animal/human hybrids stalk the land and a skinny man throws a rock at Ebony that causes him no harm at all. He responds with a blast from his massive gun.

The girl finishes the drawing as Ebony says its late and he has work to do. She gives him the drawing as her mother busts out of the nail parlor and scream as her daughter to keep away from him. She grab her daughter and threatens to report him. Ebony looks on sadly saying "Nothing Changes Sahara" to himself. He looks at the drawing. Its him inside a heart with 'Don't forget to wash behind your ears'.



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Elephantmen  1 was something of a revelation to me. I'd just bought my iPad and was busy downloading Apps when i came across one for the many comic book readers. I popped it on and opened it up and started hunting though the lists of free comics. I was in an airport waiting lounge and badly in need to entertainment. After hacking through a pile of bland and flat vector drawn, soulless fair i came upon Elephantmen 1.   The CoverThe cover spoke volumes to me. The noir, blade runner-esque scene dom...

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