Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #2

    Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge » Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #2 - Book Two released by DC Comics on October 2008.

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    Hunted by Libra and the Secret Society for refusing to worship the impending evil that is prophesised to claim Earth, Cold and his crew find themselves attacked on several fronts.

    The Rogues arrive at Gambi's shop. They need to lay low for awhile and he's one of the only friends in town that they've got. Someone seems to have gotten to him first though. The tailor is a bloody mess. The villains ask who's responsible for this and Gambi answers "Rogues."

    Mirror Master finds one of his mirrors and a group of young hoods addresses them from the other side. Their leader wears a visor and wields a cold gun. He introduces himself as Chill and says that he and the others, Mirror Man, Weather Witch, Mr. Magic and Burn are the new Rogues. They've stolen the Rogues' weapons and kidnapped Cold's father. He says that if they don't go appologize to Libra, the new Rogues will kill him.

    Cold tells the kid that he's going to find them and kill them all. And when he's done, he'll kill his dad himself. With that, he breaks the mirror.

    Elsewhere, Zoom is beating the tar out of Inertia, telling him that he will wear Kid Flash's costume. Inertia tries to escape and asks why the Reverse Flash wants him to become Kid Flash. Zoom responds that he doesn't. Libra does. Meanwhile, Piper spies on the speedsters.

    Mirror Master easily traces his Mirrors back to the new Rogues and the old Rogues appear through a reflective door. They make short work of their "replacements," brutally murdering them one and all. Cold confronts his father, who blames him for his sisters' death. Cold punches his dad in the face but tells Heat Wave to do it for him. Mick burns the entire place to the ground.

    Back at the Secret Society's headquarters, Libra and Grodd discuss their failed plan. However, Libra has another trick up his sleeve. He's kidnapped the Weather Wizard's son and if the Rogues don't join him, he'll scewer the boy in front of his father...


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      WOW!! That is all that really needs to be said about issue two of The Rougues Revenge. On the other hand, reviews do need to be 100 words, so I will try to explain my reaction. I have been a fan of the Rougues for quite some time now. One of my favorite comics of all time was an issue of the Flash where Wally was invited to a party by the Rogues. It was explained to him, that they were mad at Barry, not the costume. Finally, here was a group of villains that actually used their heads.  This bo...

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