Cable #4

    Cable » Cable #4 - War Baby, Part 4 released by Marvel on August 1, 2008.

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    Cable’s old protégé, Cannonball, has returned! In the future Sam Guthrie is one of the only remaining mutants and he’ll do anything in his power to save Cable and the baby. It’s Cannonball versus Bishop in a fight to the death!

    Cable landed in the mutantless future of 2043 and once there was ambushed by the former X-Man Lucas Bishop, who tracked him through time. Bishop tried to kill the messiah child, in hopes of preventing his horrific future from becoming reality, but fell captive to a band of highwaymen. Injured, and with a malfunctioning time mechanism, Cable sought shelter with a waitress named Sophie. He learned that the highwaymen are agents of the Turnpike Authority, a brutal regime who use fear and violence to control the population. Sophie hopes Cable will help change that, but before either of them can decide on a course of action the house is rocked by a great explosion. The front door flies off its hinges and in walks Cable’s old protйgй – Cannonball.

    What happened:

    • As Cable and Cannonball reunite in Sophie's apartment, Bishop goes back to the fight scene and finds no dead bodies – meaning he's back on the hunt for Cable and the child. He goes to the near diner and attacks the manager, wanting answers for the whereabouts of his targets.

    • Sam tells Nathan that all mutants are gone but him. They were exterminated in less than three decades; Cable's mission has failed. Meanwhile, Bishop gets his answers and heads to Sophie's place.

    • Sam says that he used Cerebra to locate Cable. After the last telepath died the remaining mutants managed to work the device. Eventually Sam was left alone and for years watched mutants gone. Then he waited more for Cable's return, until now.

    • Soon after, a near explosion confirms that Bishop is coming. Cannonball decides to stay and stop Bishop while Cable, Sophie and baby escape. Bishop is surprised to see Sam and don't want to fight him. Sam doesn't share the same sentiments, still angry about Bishop's betrayal in the X-Men years ago. He attacks Bishop and looks like he has the upper hand.

    • Cable asks Sophie to make a stop. He desperately tries to work his time mechanism and prevent the imminent tragedy. Cannonball gives his best shot and smashes into Bishop, creating a crater. Bishop's cybernetic arm releases a tentacle and goes through Sam's chest. As he's dying, the tentacle holding his bleeding heart, Sam asks Bishop why he's doing this. "To save you", his killer replies and stand over the dead body of the former X-Man. Cable is saddened by his failure to go back in time and eventually decides: No more running.

    Not everyone is fond of bathing in boiled oil, so Bishop's attempts to be nice are actually taken the wrong way. At least it gets him the answers he needs.

    Someone needs to be changed, and it ain't the baby.

    In 2043 Sam Guthrie works in the New Jersey Public Works Dept.

    Bishop invented this treatment: Give the heart 2 minutes outside once a day to prevent heart attacks. It was yet to be contradicted.



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