The Punisher #3

    The Punisher » The Punisher #3 - Purgatory, Part 3: A Gathering Of Angels released by Marvel Knights on January 1999.

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    Punisher is dragged further into hell after being taken to Olivier's base of operations!

    In the Lower West Side of New York, Gadriel, the fallen guardian angel, takes Frank Castle, the Punisher, to meet his fellow angels who live in fear of being destroyed by the demon Olivier. Sure enough, Stalkers, demons in Olivier's thrall, burst into the apartment to attack them.

    From a newly conquered nether realm, Olivier, ponders his origins. He had been a fallen angel, who was also expelled from hell. He wound up possessing the body of a stillborn infant. Becoming a hood in his youth, his first murder awoke him to his true self. He rose to prominence in the mob as Frank Costa, all the while plotting his vengeance against the lords of all the nether realms. To this end, he made Frank Castle a pawn in his plans.

    Meanwhile, Lucy Mellace visits frank's grave, wondering how her childhood friend has been resurrected.

    Back at Gabriel's apartment, the Punisher and the angels fight a losing battle against the Stalkers. One Stalker in particular focuses solely upon Castle, claiming to have been killed by the Punisher, and he knocks Castle out.

    Unconscious, but dreaming, Castle relives his resurrection at the hands of Gadriel. At first, he wandered mindlessly after rising from the grave, but then his sense of identity returned, and he renewed his mission as the Punisher, armed with the spectral weapons Gadriel had equipped him with.

    Castle comes to, finding himself bound, along with Gadriel, within Olivier's lair in the Flatiron Building. The other angels are dead. Shortly, Olivier enters, taunting Castle. He reveals to his prisoner the face he wore as a human, the face of Frank Costa, and tells him he was responsible for the death of Frank's family and thus also for the creation of the Punisher.



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    The wheels start coming off 0

    This offbeat, but intriguing premise for the return of the Punisher has taken a turn for the worse with indications that the Punisher's origin is being ret-conned to include supernatural causes. I like many comics with a supernatural bent, but here, that's shoehorned into the Punisher's background, not cleanly merging with the character's street-level aspects.The writing was adequate, but the art was disappointing, as Bernie Wrightson's usually brilliant pencils were overwhelmed by Jimmy Palmiot...

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