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Continuing "Batman R.I.P," the epic story that will change the legend of the Dark Knight forever! As the life of Bruce Wayne takes an interesting turn with Jezebel Jet, the life of Batman falls into the ultimate downward spiral.



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Zur-En-Augh. 0

OK, so Batman fights some costumed dude in a sewer and gets cut up, goes home, heals up and shows Jezebel the Batcave for the first time. But when she sees the place, she starts to question Bruce's sanity.Elsewhere, Gordon's trying to prevent a story concerning Bruce's parents from getting public without evidence, and is shocked when he see it. Common sense tells us it's an elaborate hoax, but whatever.And the Black Glove carry out their plan by hacking the Batcomputer and infiltrating the place...

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Agreed. 0

I agree with Captain Blah. Morrison has filled the R.I.P. issues from cover to cover. When I was at the cons and heard DC execs proudly pontificating that Batman R.I.P. is something not to miss, I was way to worried that actually try and do something stupid like kill off Bruce Wayne the way Marvel killed off Steve Rogers.The previous issue reveals a lot about what is going on in the Joker's mind. That was my clue that any death in this story arc probably won't be a real death unless it's a secon...

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Where is he going with this? 0

This arc so far seems quite odd. Fast-paced and full of development on each issue Morrison isobviously going somewhere with this, but where exactly? Morrison drops a lot on the reader in a single issue, but after a close reading and a little thought,you can see how massive this story is. In one issue, Batman brings Jezebelle Jet to the Cave, seeminglyloses it, the Black Glove strikes, and Thomas Wayne might be alive. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. When all is said and done, this arc ma...

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