Booster Gold #9

    Booster Gold » Booster Gold #9 - Blue & Gold,Chapter 4: Putting The Band Back Together released by DC Comics on July 1, 2008.

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    "Blue and Gold" continues as the Justice League International returns! In a desperate attempt to correct time, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are forced to rebuild the team that defined them so long ago! But can what's left of the JLI stop Max Lord and save the world from his O.M.A.C.s?


    -Max Lord has mind-controlled Superman into capturing Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi), and begun to use her solar energy to power Brother Eye. 

    - Booster and Beetle plot their next move: to gather together the members of their old team, Justice League International. Since Batman is nowhere to be found, they start with Mr. Miracle (Scott Free), who is being held prisoner. Next, the three of them recruit Green Lantern (Guy Gardener), Fire (Beatriz da Costa) and Ice (Tora Olafsdotter). 

    - Meanwhile at Vanishing Point—the end of time—Rip, Skeets and Booster's ancestors Rose Levin and Daniel Carter (currently wearing the Supernova costume), discover that they have arrived too late. The Time Stealers have recently departed. 

    - Booster and company rescue one final member, J'onn Jonzz: the Martian Manhunter. The reunited JLI proceed to Boom Tube to Brother Eye's satellite and confront Max. 

    - The battle begins to favor the Leaguers. Mr. Miracle frees Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) from an O.M.A.C. shell and Ice rescues Dr. Light. The tide turns further to their advantage when a Checkmate agent turns out to be Batman in disguise. He's been undercover for months, working on a way to shut down Brother Eye. 

    - Booster, who's already fought Brother Eye once during Infinite Crisis, is able to shut down Brother Eye and the O.M.A.C.s. Dr. Light kills Max, taking her revenge on him since the madman had murdered her children. Superman is in control of himself again, and reveals that Max forced him to watch as Lois was murdered. 

    - Aware that all these events occurred because he saved Ted, Booster still thinks everything can be fixed with Rip's help. But before he can tell his teammates the situation, a new group arrives on the satellite. The Time Stealers have arrived! 


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