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When Klaw unfurls his carefully orchestrated siege on Wakanda, there’s no place to hide. Cutting a swathe through Wakanda’s ground forces – the Rhino and Batroc. Slicing through Wakanda’s aerial defenses -- the Black Knight. And striking a blow where no one would ever expect – the Radioactive Man. Wakanda’s protector has never faced a challenge like this. Can the Black Panther persevere?

There are some places you just don't mess with Wakanda is one of them. Since the dawn of time, that African warrior nation has been sending would-be conquerors home in body bags. While the rest of Africa got carved up like a Christmas turkey by the rest of the world, Wakanda's cultural evolution has gone unchecked for centuries, unfettered by the yoke of colonization. The result: A hi-tech, resource-rich, ecologically-sound paradise that makes the rest of the world seem primitive by comparison.

Ruling over all this is T'Challa, the heir to the centuries-old warrior cult that's served as Wakanda's religious, political, and military head since its inception: The Black Panther. Anyone who'd dare to make a move on Wakanda must go through him.

And that's exactly what someone intends to do. His name is Klaw, he's read the history books, and he knows exactly what he's getting himself into. Klaw has assembled a team to do what's never been done before - to successfully invade Wakanda and kill the Black Panther. Joining Klaw in his quest: a legendary martial artist known as Batroc, an unstoppable force known as the Rhino, a legendary mercenary known as the Black Knight, a psychic vampire known simply as The Cannibal, and a being whose every pore emanates death - the Radioactive Man. Taking up the rear flank of Klaw's offensive: the entire forces of the Nigandan Army, made available to Klaw by that country's corrupt Prime Minister - M'Butu.

The siege is underway. Wakanda faces its biggest test. And a very interested United States watches...



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Summary  A school trip to the wakandan mound goes wrong when an earthquake occurs Tchalla saves the day and his sister questions how the vibranium didn’t stop the quake. He dismisses her despite her best wishes. The rhino charges straight for wakanda while tchalla and his staff monitor the situation they try to stop him but cant once the black knight enters the fray. Tchalla gets ready to deal with the knight as the United states get ready to inva…assist wakanda. The goodTchalla gets some good ...

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