Invincible #49

    Invincible » Invincible #49 released by Skybound on March 2008.

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    The Reanimen are back, but now they're fighting for the good guys?! And if that's the case, why are they facing off against Invincible? It all comes to a head here! Events are set in motion leading up to our big issue 50... coming next month!

    Cecil tries to make contact with Mark but he doesn't reply because he is unconscious. Cecil walks into one of the labs and tells a scientist to get the new reanimen ready right now! Doc Seismic is gloating about his victory over almost all of their universe's superheroes, and he tells everyone that its Invincible's fault that he did this. He says that he was extremely happy in the underground he even thanked Mark for sending him to the depths. But when he took him back up to the surface and put him in jail he would never forget what he did. He yell out that he is doing this because of Invincible!

    Invincible regains consciousness in a cacoon along with Atom-Eve. He is surprised that they lost the battle. Atom Eve asks Mark why Doc Seismic didn't kill them and he replies that he is quite old school, and thats probably not his style. Invincible tells Atom Eve that they can still get out of here, but when they do they have to let all of the other heroes out first. Just then Darkwing bursts through the wall with an army of reanimen yelling, "ATTACK!". He frees everybody from their captivity and they begin to fight the monsters. Darkwing is doing a great job, and Doc Seismic tells him that its to easy he says its not easy he just makes it look that way. Doc Seismic blasts Darkwing away and says that next time he will be victorious. Invincible lands beside him and tells him that its not the case while Invincible has him distracted Darkwing swoops in form the shadow verse and knocks Doc Seismic out cold.

    Invincible hits Darkwing and yells murderer! Everyone looks surprised and Mark tries to explain that he killed many people in the past. Savage Dragon grabs Mark and says that he's a good guy. Robot even backs him up. Cecil teleports and tells Invincible to stand down, and leave.

    Atom-Eve finds Mark in the snow, and they agree to talk about what happened between them earlier later. She asks Mark what got into him there and he tells her about the truth of Drakwing. He says he's made a grave mistake and he goes to find Cecil.

    When he arrives he gives him shit about letting Darkwing free and says hes a murderer. Cecil brings up his encounter with Angstrom Levy and Invincible says that it was completely different. Just then the reanimen's creator walks in and says sorry I didn't know you were in a meeting. Cecil brings Mark into the white room and Mark asks why he brought him here. Cecil replies,"For the element of surprise" and Mark is attacked by many Reanimen.


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