Captain America #36

    Captain America » Captain America #36 - The Burden of Dreams (Part 6 of 6) released by Marvel on May 1, 2008.

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    The new Captain America fights the Red Skull's minions with Black Widow at his side and chaos erupting all around them! Meanwhile, Sharon Carter, still under the control of Dr. Faustus, makes a horrifying discovery about the next stage of the Skull's plans! By Eisner and Harvey Award-Winning Best Writer Ed Brubaker with art by master storytellers Steve Epting and Butch Guice.

    Bucky finds that taking down the Serpant Squad isn't as easy as he thought. Black Widow tells him she's on her way despite his protests. He manages to take down Eel and Viper and shoots Sin. Crossbones arrives just in time to see this and shoots Bucky in the back. Bucky's Captain America costume is bullet proof but he still feels some pain. He tries getting up but Crossbones is all over him. Sin weakly tells Crossbones to kill him.

    The Red Skull talks to Arnim Zola about some results of some tests. Zola tells him he will confirm them within an hour. Faustus comes in to tell the Skull about another new complication (Sharon's pregnancy). He is cut off by the Red Skull when he tells Faustus their plans to stage an attempted kidnapping of the Senator is being messed up by someone playing the hero.

    Bucky keeps fighting Crossbones but eventually gets thrown out the window. Black Widow just happens to be outside in a flying car. Bucky lands on top. When Crossbones looks out the window to see him, Bucky responds by shooting him several times. They go in and find he is still barely alive. They also have Viper and Eel. Cobra and Sin are gone. Bucky has to leave before backup arrives.

    Cobra is flying the helicopter and calls the Skull. He tells them that Sin was shot. He then tells the Red Skull they were attacked by a new Captain America. The Skull is shocked at first but then begins laughing, knowing who it must be. He tells Faustus it's almost too perfect.

    Bucky tries rallying the crowd outside to disperse and go home. He tells them all they are doing is ruining their own city. The crowd isn't too willing to listen. Someone throws something at him and the security officers begin making their move again. Bucky walks off. He thinks that the fighting part he can handle, the inspiring part is another story.

    The news quickly reports the appearance of a new Captain America. There is no official comment from the government or S.H.I.E.L.D. The news also reports the successful prevention of the kidnapping of the senator by a heroic Security agent (the video footage was manipulated). Tony Stark gets a call from the Vice-President and denies any knowledge of the new Captain America.

    Black Widow visits Bucky as he works out rather than rest. She tells him now that he's become more public, she can't work as closely with him. She asks him if he remembers their time together in the past. He says he remembers it all. She gives him a kiss to show that she remembers the good times too.

    Sharon is planning on trying to escape since she overheard talk of her baby. She figures the Skull will be worrying over Sin to think about her. She looks for an escape tunnel in one of Faustus' labs. She finds a chamber that appears to contain Steve Rogers inside...


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