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In the aftermath of "Messiah CompleX," Wolverine's quest for vengeance continues, taking him from the desolate hills of Afghanistan to the war-torn streets of Baghdad. Along the way, with his quarry throwing more and more innocents into the line of fire, Wolverine must ask himself: just how much collateral damage can he live with?

1921, Kansas City, and Mystique tells Wolverine about her little group who scam people. At that moment Mystique and Wolverine walks past one of her scammers, a man with an extra finger, using it to scam people playing cards. The men who are playing realise that it’s a scam, and one of them pulls out a knife to cut the scammers fingers off. Wolverine insists that they let go but the man tells him to mind his own business. He insists again, but this time, the man shouts at him to mind his own business again and stabs Wolverine in the hand. Wolverine simply pulls the knife out, and the man pulls a gun out and fires it at Wolverine.

Next, we see the man with the gun on the floor, with his fingers cut off and Wolverine holding a bloody knife. Wolverine tells them to never to come here again. The extra finger guy fusses over Wolverine because he’s been shot, but Wolverine just says that it ain’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.

In the present, a bullet filled Wolverine is being thrown over a cliff edge by the villagers.

Flashback to ten minutes ago, and the villagers shoot Wolverine. A villager tells Wolverine (lying on the floor filled with bullets): “I send you to hell now, American do.” And just as Wolverine goes to tell him he’s Canadian, he’s shot in the head.

Back in the present, and Wolverine is standing and walking away.

Two days pass and Wolverine walks into a bar. He has a sniff, and then walks up to the bar and asks for “a bottle of the strongest stuff you got. And two glasses.” He walks over to a nun at a table, and asks if Raven wants a drink. She tells him sure.

Raven (the nun) explains that she’s not looking for trouble, and she’s just there with orphan boys. Both of them drink some, and Wolverine spits out a bullet. Wolverine pours another drink, and after they finish, they both stand. Raven slaps Wolverine and shouts “HOW DARE YOU GET FRESH WITH ME, YOU FILTHY BEAST!” Raven leaves with the orphans, and a man walks up to Wolverine, and tells him to leave the sister be. Wolverine provokes him, asking him to give him something so he won’t feel sorry for kicking his ass. He tells Wolverine that he smells, and Wolverine throws him through a window.

The orphans watch from outside, and Raven breaks into an army truck. She reverts to her Mystique form, and tells the orphan to learn to adapt.

Back in Kansas City in 1921, and Wolverine is looking out a window. Mystique talks to Wolverine, saying it’s hard to trust people, but they can be a family.. She tells him to trust her, and they both kiss.

Back in the present in Syria, and some guy and woman are getting ready to sleep together. The man asks can they do some crazy positions like last time, and she asks like this one, and breaks his neck, killing him, with her legs. She reverts to Mystique yet again, and then morphs into the man, and walks out side. There we see that the man was the head of an army, and she comments “You boys are sure a lifesaver”, while looking at several dozen (at least) armed troops.

Two hours later, and Wolverine arrives at the location, and finds the man dead. He realises what Mystique’s done, and the next day, Wolverine walks up to a cave in Al Anbar. Armed men shot that someone’s coming, and Wolverine shouts that he’s there to see Modad, and that he saved his life in Russia in ’86 and he’s calling in the favor.




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