Captain America #35

    Captain America » Captain America #35 - The Burden of Dreams (Part 5 of 6) released by Marvel on April 1, 2008.

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    Last issue was just the tip of the iceberg, as the Red Skull's master plan kicks into motion, and chaos begins to take hold of the US, with only one man to stand in its way, but is he up to the task? By Harvey and Eisner Award-Winning Best Writer Ed Brubaker with art by master storytellers Steve Epting and Butch Guice!

    Falcon finds an abandoned rehab clinic in Upstate New York. He reports back to Tony Stark that Dr. Faustus was recently there. The birds in the area tell him that several men were there moving things into a truck. Falcon asks Tony if he's going to send a team up to investigate the place but after the shooting from the brainwashed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, he has his hands full in meetings with several other agencies.

    News coverage of the shooting reveal that S.H.I.E.L.D. has yet to comment on the tragedy. Senator Wright, who is also the Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Committee gives a speech to calm the concerns. He says because their security is under question, they will be using an outside security firm to protect the nation's capital. They will be working until Washington D.C. is safe once again.

    Wright is meeting with Dr. Faustus in his office watching the report. Faustus tells him he will be rewarded for his part. Outside, a big crowd of protesters is demanding accountability. Bucky walks the outskirts of the crowd observing while the Black Widow hacks into their satellites since they are under a partial lockdown. As a young kid tries selling Bucky some bottled water, Natalia discovers that the security firm is owned by a company that's owned by another company and so on until it's clear that they are owned by the Kronos Corporation. They caused the panic and are now protecting the capital. They both know that this all has to be a diversion for something else. Bucky then sees an empty water bottle and notices the company is a division of Kronos International. The crowd has been drugged into starting a riot.

    Elsewhere, Aleksander looks on as a hologram of the new CEO of Kronos works on a deal with the Secretary of the United States. Lukin begins "talking" to the Red Skull saying that he's completely changed his original plan. He wanted to cripple the United States, not work deals with them. The Skull tells him that they want the same things.

    The crowd outside the capital suddenly turns into a riot. Bucky is surprised at how quickly it starts and figures that there's no way everyone could have been drugged. He doesn't want to let anyone else die but isn't quite sure how he can help them. He figures Steve would've known what to do. He ducks into an alley and changes into Captain America. He stops several security officers from beating on the crowd and uses sleeping gas to try to calm things down. He looks around trying to figure out what the Red Skull's plan really is. As he throws the shield around to prevent civilians getting shot, he notes that he's getting pretty good at using it. Black Widow is finally able to sort through the images from the satellite and sees that a helicopter landed on the roof of the Senate building. He makes his way there and crashes through a window. He finds Sin and the Serpent Squad there and figures he can easily handle them.

    When Dr. Faustus arrives at the Skull's place, they begin talking about Sharon Carter. Faustus says he was about to go check on her but the Skull says she requires more attention than he's been giving her. Sharon wakes up and finds herself in a hospital gown, strapped to a bed. Arnim Zola approaches here and tells her not to worry since he's a doctor too. She ask herself, how long did she think she could hide her pregnancy from them.


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