Marvel Feature #3

    Marvel Feature » Marvel Feature #3 - A Titan Walks Among Us! released by Marvel on June 1, 1972.

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    A Titan Walks Among Us!

    An American space capsule, sent to help spearhead a space station, returns to Earth with two astronauts aboard, Calvin Beame and Richmond Wagner. This is a scheduled landing, but it comes after a strange occurrence involving a white mist that the pick-up team, headed by General Thunderbolt Ross, wants to know more about.

    However, the capsule lands in the middle of an equally odd whirlpool in the ocean. This gets the attention of Namor, who saves the capsule and brings it to Ross's aircraft carrier. The astronauts weirdly shake off all the government's thanks, saying they're tired of working for peanuts, and go into business--meaning self-promotion--for themselves.

    They start a kids' show called the Astro-Nuts, starring Xemnu, "from the magic planet." Everyone who sees the show admits it's terrible, but kids are unable to stop watching. Xemnu tells the kids that they should all come with him when he returns to space in four weeks.

    Jim Wilson, the Hulk's friend, can tell there's something off about the show and goes to see Dr. Strange. Strange agrees that it's weird. He creates an illusion and makes himself look like the Hulk, then he and Jim go to see the ex-astronauts. They want to appear on the show. The astronauts agree, since it will create more publicity. Strange uses his appearances to keep track of Xemnu's plans.

    Bruce Banner sees Strange's Hulk on TV. He turns into the Hulk and goes to the site of Xemnu's rocket to confront him.

    Xemnu uses his telepathy to call all the local kids to join him. He wants them to help repopulate his world. It turns out that when he was last defeated, he turned into mist and returned to his planet, where he found that all his people had died from a disease. He returned to Earth and possessed the astronauts to create a platform to control the kids.

    Dr. Strange also shows up at Xemnu's site and battles him, but Xemnu stuns him with a mental blast. Namor arrives and fights Xemnu but also succumbs to his psi powers. Then the Hulk battles him. The Hulk manages to resist Xemnu's powers and crushes him; Xemnu seemingly shrinks to nothingness.

    Namor and the Hulk leave, since they can tell the human military doesn't respect what they did. Dr. Strange makes everyone forget what happened.

    The Defenders next appear in Defenders #1


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