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The climactic finale to the harrowing tale of Superman's first exposure to Kryptonite is here! Comics superstars Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale bring the fireworks for an ending you won't ever forget!

The climatic finale to the harrowing tale of Superman's first exposure to Kryptonite is here! Comics superstars Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale bring the fireworks or an ending you won't ever forget!

The conclusion to the first arc from Superman Confidential finds Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen still in the clutches of Luthor, while Superman lies near death by a mysterious piece of space rock.

Tony Gallo, also in the room snaps and gives Jimmy and Lois a moment to turn the tables before he kills himself. Meanwhile, an alien being, who's presence dwells within the space rock, begins to give Superman a tour of his home world days before its destruction. The being shows off Kal-El's family and explains his people are historians and he was there when Krytonite was destroyed. It turns out that Kal's parents could've sent one of them with him, but they decided they couldn't bear be apart. Back on Earth, Jimmy threatens Luthor who decides he should part. Lois begins to wake up Clark, who she believes is dead, and just as she was about to give up, he awakens. The first thing Clark does is take the space rock and delve it into the sun in hopes of freeing the alien inside. It's sketchy at first but it works and the being, who's name can be translated to Bridgewater, is free. He returns Clark to home and goes off into space. Clark tells his "Ma and Pa" about his adventure and assures them that they are his parents too and his name is Clark. In the end scene, Clark asks Lois out and she finally decides to accept.



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The long awaited finale to the 'Kryptonite' story arc 0

The final chapter in the 'Kryptonite' storyline was a bit of a letdown. For one thing, it took six months to be released. For some inexplicable reason, the first five chapters came in issues 1 through 5... and the conclusion - in issue 11!?Anyway, it's an O.K. ending, but lacks some of the greatness of previous chapters - perhaps Darwyn Cooke or Tim Sale just got bored?Still, it starts out strong with Superman dieing on Tony Gallo's office floor while his mind is allowed to witness the his own b...

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