Booster Gold #6

    Booster Gold » Booster Gold #6 - 52 Pick-Up, Chapter 6: Meet The Beetles released by DC Comics on March 1, 2008.

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    "52 Pick-Up" concludes as Booster Gold journeys back in time to save the best friend he ever had - the Blue Beetle! But can Booster stop Maxwell Lord before someone else dies in Ted Kord's place? And will Ted Kord let that happen?


    Dan Garrent, the orginal Blue Beetle, James Reyes, the current Blue Beetle and the Blue Beetle of the future convice Booster Gold that to save the universe they need to stop the murder of Ted Kord. The four heros leave Rip Hunter to repair Skeet and travel to the past to save Ted.

    While in the time bubble Booster tell the others all about Ted and the great things he's done.

    Meanwhile back in the present in Pittsburg Daniel and Rose exchange lies they told and are about to embrace when Rip Hunter intreupt and presents them with two costumes.

    Back in the past, Ted is about to be murdered by Max Lord when Booster and the three other beetles bust in. A fight insues and Max releases an Omac, but the three beetle together are able to stop it.

    They save Ted and the beetle of the future sends all of Max's plans to Batman.

    They return to there own time with the cautionary tale that Ted must appear dead for the time line to surrive.


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    The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle era JLA was the one I grew up with and I've always had a soft spot for the pair of rogues. They always add a air of fun to their books and I love the artwork by Dan Jurgans, so this should be a winner...howeverAlthough I have found this series hugely enjoyable, largely due to Booster's antics always being able to muster a chortle or two, the writers, Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgans seem to be falling into that all too familiar modern trend with DC of meddling with past s...

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