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The startling climax of "The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul"! A secret surrounding Ra's' lineage is revealed! Everything comes to a head at Nanda Parbat as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Damian face off against the eternal might of Ra's al Ghul!

Ra's al Ghul has his hands on Damian and is beginning to take over his body. Batman fights his way through Ra's men yelling "Let...Go...of...My...SON!" His final blow is a kick to Ra's arm, which snaps it in half. Ra's is surprised by Batman's actions but Batman doesn't let up. He continues beating Ra's telling him that he won't kill him but will make sure that he is not able to move again.

Damian watches his father in action as the White Ghost comes to Ra's al Ghul's aid. Batman simply throws him at some assassins. Batman tells Damian to pick up a weapon and to just start hitting anyone.

Nightwing, Robin, Alfred and Talia arrive to lend their help. Batman orders them to take out anyone that tries to escape. Talia is outraged that he would send their son into this. Batman tells her that he is trained and can fight. Talia asks him if he would actually send his own son to his death. Batman tells her he is only asking him to do what he would ask of Robin and Nightwing. Hearing this, Damian breaks free of Talia's grasp and takes off after the others.

As Ra's al Ghul lies helpless, the White Ghost asks if he can give himself for Ra's. He says that even though he was only good enough to serve Ra's and was never held in the same regard as Talia or Nyssa, he still wants to be able to do his part. Ra's calls him "son" and White Ghost says he's waited his whole life to hear that. He would gladly switch bodies for his father. It ends with the White Ghost dying but Ra's al Ghul being somewhat reborn.

Ra's al Ghul makes his stand with the help of his assassins. Upon seeing Ra's, Batman concludes that White Ghost must have been a blood relative of his. Ra's says that his son had to die because of him. He plans on avenging him by taking the lives of Batman's wards and anyone that stands by his side.

Talia urges Damian to leave. He refuses to leave his father so Talia knocks him out and carries him away.

The fighting begins. There are injuries on both sides. Neither Batman nor Ra's al Ghul seem like they will back down. As they are about to clash, they are separated by a blinding flash of light. The monks of Nanda Parbat are basically kicking them out. The place is being forever sealed against them and they must all leave. Ra's swears to Batman that their fight is not over.

On the plane, Dick flies them all home. Bruce is thinking about Damian. He says that Damian is now free to choose what life he wants to live, just as Tim and Dick have. Alfred brings them all some refreshments and reminds them that it is Christmas. They toast to "family."



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