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Black Canary and Green Arrow conclude their mission on Paradise Island and are stunned to find out what's really been going on there — and just who's been behind the kidnapping of their missing friend!

The issue opens with Black Canary accepting Athena’s opportunity to train what they call The Furies. Black Canary gives her thanks, but before she can finish her sentence, she is interrupted with something called “fortitude”. Black Canary is confused. Athena replies that whoever she is training, the trainees must know that their trainer is not teaching them, but they know that they can wield the art of war. Athena calls it the display of fortitude. In an arena, Black Canary is fighting off various Amazons. Speedy, Athena and other Amazons are watching her fight and Speedy asks how long this is going to take until she displays her “fortitude”. Athena replies that it will take as many as it takes. It’s something that is there.

Elsewhere on Paradise Island, Connor and Oliver are surrounded by Amazons from their previous escape and they both whisper to each other the meaning of “hero” and Oliver tells Connor to do something with his bag of tricks. With that, Connor pulls out a smoke bomb and throws it to the ground, releasing a cloud of smoke which tears the eyes and chokes the Amazons. The both of them make the way to the cliff of the island and make a jump for it, with several spears following them.

Back at the arena, Black Canary is still fighting for her “fortitude”. Speedy excuses herself and tells Athena she has to make her way to the bathroom. However, Athena refuses her to leave and an Amazon brings out a chamber pot. Speedy begrudgingly says that she’ll pass.

After Connor and Oliver have jumped off the cliff, they make their way onto the boat. Connor presses a button which releases flares into the air and Speedy alarms Black Canary of it. However, Black Canary says that they’re not leaving just yet, and makes a run towards Athena, putting a sword to her throat and tells them to back off or else she’ll die. Black Canary demands some answers on what’s going on. Through a doorway in the arena, Black Canary asks why Athena had gotten a doppelganger to kill her. Athena replies that it was all for her. She explains that she would’ve never thought of joining the Amazons while Oliver lived.

Black Canary asks why she didn’t just kill him. Athena replies that the people she worked with forced her to keep him alive. Everyman was to live as Oliver for a month and then kill him and planned to kill Oliver when Black Canary was there. That way, they knew that she would’ve turned her back on men. Black Canary then asks why Everyman didn’t stick to the plan. Athena reveals that when he was put in the position of consummating the marriage, it would be a problem because “Everyman was suffering from the inability to perform… sexually.” Everyman decided that Black Canary would’ve seen through his ruse, if he had denied on consummating the marriage.

So Everyman panicked and attempted to kill Black Canary, however, Black Canary ended up killing Everyman instead. Athena continues to explain but is cut short when Black Canary and Speedy run off. Desaad then comes out and asks Athena if she will ever learn the whole truth. Athena asks about which part: that they wanted Black Canary training on the island, or that Everyman was supposed to pose as Green Arrow to infiltrate, or that she’s actually Granny Goodness? Granny Goodness adds that they’ll all learn the truth soon. Desaad asks that they’re not really finished with the Arrow Family, and Granny Goodness replies that they aren’t just yet…

On the shores of Paradise Island, Black Canary and Oliver embrace. Speedy comments on them being quiet nauseating. Connor then accelerates the boat at a blitzing speed and with more of Black Canary and Oliver’s dirty talk, they scare Speedy. Oliver thanks them for saving him and says that he’s glad to be with his family once again, happy and safe. A crack then comes out of the sky and hits Connor right in the heart.



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