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The secret behind the return of Jason Todd is revealed! Join writer Judd Winick (BATMAN, THE OUTSIDERS, GREEN ARROW), artists Shane Davis (BATMAN, ROBIN) & Mark Morales (New Avengers) and cover artist Jock (BATMAN covers, THE LOSERS) for the compelling story behind the Red Hood's origin and mysterious return to Gotham! Find out how the former Robin survived "A Death in the Family" to become one of the Batman's deadliest adversaries.


Jason Todd, now the Red Hood, reflects upon the events that brought about his resurrection. Years ago, Todd had been brutally murdered by the Joker. During the Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime began punching holes into the timestream, which caused a ripple effect, correcting certain historical events that should not have taken place - one of these was the death of Jason Todd. The time ripple caught up with Todd six months after his death and resurrected him. Jason Todd was reborn inside his own coffin and had to claw his way to freedom.

Though alive, Jason was but a shell of the boy he once was. He suffered severe brain damage and amnesia. He was taken in by the staff of the Huntington Convalescent Home and spent months recuperating. His memories slowly began to return and he thirsted for revenge against the Joker.

One of Batman's oldest adversaries, Ra's al Ghul, discovered Todd and had him brought to his compound. He spent time with Ra's daughter,Talia, who convinced him to bathe inside the Lazarus Pit. The restorative powers of the pit completed Todd's recuperation and also aged him to adulthood. Todd and Talia left the care of Ra's al Ghul and Jason eventually adopted the masked identity of one of his killer's former aliases - the Red Hood.


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