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The new Green Arrow/Black Canary team investigates the shocking results of the Wedding of the Century in an all-new adventure that brings the Star City-crossed lovers together!

The issue begins with a flashback, as an introduction to their beginning relationship. Green Arrow asks if she’s Black Canary, and Black Canary wonders if he’s Green Arrow. Some flirting happens between them, with Black Canary saying, “If your idea of a pickup line is complimenting my mother, your game needs work.” Green Arrow replies that that wasn’t a pickup line, and he really is a fan of Black Canary’s mother. He also adds that his game doesn’t need work. Black Canary thinks differently, as she says, “I think you just sat on some chewing gum.” She adds that she “only noticed because I was checking out your ass even more than you were checking out mine.”

It cuts back to present time, where some mercenaries are running from trouble, and Black Canary flies in, kicking a mercenary. She fights the mercenaries single handily. She beats them all, when one of the down mercenary gives her attitude. She turns around and beats him, to the point of near death. Green Arrow, who is currently taken by Connor Hawke, flies in, and tells her to stop. He also comments that he’s been seeing that a lot lately. Black Canary walks off and says, “Well I guess everyone’s lucky you’re here to referee.

At Connor’s apartment, he has a conversation with Speedy and comments on Black Canary’s behaviour. He tells her of how she almost beat a man to death and says, “She’s… she’s not coping very well,” and Speedy replies, “Oh my God… You really think so, Dr. Phil?”

Elsewhere with Black Canary, she stares at Oliver Queen’s dead body in a glass coffin and remembers the night in which he almost killed her with a knife. In self defence, she killed him with one of this own arrows and stabbed him in the neck. It cuts to a montage, where many members of the Justice League of America console her. Hal Jordon says that they should perhaps bury the body as it’s been a month already. Black Canary says that it’s not him, but Hal thinks she is in denial. She insists that it’s not him, but Hal thinks differently. She continues to explain that it isn’t him. The man that attempted to kill her wasn’t him, but Hal keeps telling her that she is in denial. He tells her in frustration how he would want him alive too and too. Hal points Black Canary to his ring, and says that the ring doesn’t lie. Batman cuts in, and says that it can be deceived. Black Canary asks if he believes her, and in agreement, he says that all this makes very little sense.

He continues to explain how it’s strange, because if someone has gotten Green Arrow to murder her during the night, it’s a good plan but it’s been a month and no one come to finish the job. He also continues to explain that if someone wanted Green Arrow dead, that wouldn’t make sense too, because if someone did kill him, they would want to gloat about it and no one has done so. He also wasn’t in anything that would was on about that would make him a target either.

At the Batcave, Dr. Mid-Nite and Batman are preparing to do an autopsy on Green Arrow and tells Black Canary that she should probably go site somewhere else, because it’s going to be ugly. Black Canary disagrees, unless they’re going to chop his body up and run it through a processor. Dr. Mid-Nite explains that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Black Canary, shocked, says she’s going to sit by the car. As they perform the autopsy, they scan the body and find nothing unusual. Dr. Mid-Nite then sees something strange. He compares this autopsy from the one done before and explains that the cells from the autopsy done now has less tissue from his upper thigh, which means it’s no Oliver Queen’s DNA, and the cells are still reactive. Batman asks what that means; does it mean the cells are still alive? Dr. Mid-Nite explains that they’re dead, but they’ll become active once again if activated. He sticks a contraption with a needle on the end, and Oliver dissipates into someone else: Everyman. Black Canary adds that he’s a shapeshifter, and that they have to find Oliver if he’s still alive. Batman says that they need to find out who has him first before they can begin their search. Batman questions Black Canary, asking her if anyone strange has approached her since Oliver’s “death”. Black Canary thinks, and thinks of the Amazons.

On Themyscira, the Amazons have held Oliver captive.


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Not Just Black - Depressed & Psycho Canary 0

A woman’s wedding night is supposed to be one of the most magical moments in her life. You don’t expect to fight with your shiny new husband. You certainly don’t expect to have to defend your own life as he tries to kill you while you’re in nothing but your wedding white lingerie. Unfortunately events like this do happen if you’re a superhero and that’s how Green Arrow and Black Canary issue #1 opens up this new story arc.There’s really no way to explain the compelling nature of this issue witho...

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The Score You Would Expect to See! 0

I picked this up due to the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary and would really love to wish them a happy marriage! :DOkay, so horrible things happened last time. Green Arrow got murdered by Black Canary but Canary isn't so certain that that was the real Green Arrow.I have to give props to the art. It's cel-shading art and cardboard cut-outs (in a good way). You don't really expect a lot of texture-type detail with cel-shading art but is supported by the texturing in the background on the c...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

A Countdown and Amazons Attack Tie In! 0

Wow...wasn't expecting to find out what happened at the end in the first issue...I am looking forward in seeing where this book goes. First we have Dinah dealing with the "death" of Oliver in her own way. I was expecting a clone Oliver, not Everyman...maybe this time is really dead. Everyman worked with Circe and Granny Goodness during Amazons Attack and Countdown...Goodness is portraying Athena...Athena comes to Dinah to recruit her...that is really tying into Countdown a lot as Holly Robinson ...

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