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Learn the origins of Arkham's most well-behaved inmate: the rotund Humphry Dumpler, also known as Humpty Dumpty, who loves taking things apart and putting them back together again.

White stays with Humpty Dumpty. Arkham and Cash discuss whether is wise to let Humpty keep putting things back together. Arkham argues that it's necessary to get his help from time to time. Cash thinks it will lead to trouble.

Doodlebug stays with Junkyard Dog. Both argue why their way of doing crime pays out for them. Doodlebug, who has the missing mirror piece, has a guard who helps him to escape. He makes out with Magpie (instead of Poison Ivy) and then goes back to his cell.

Humpty tells White how he ended up in Arkham. He was a happy child but then was followed by bad luck that killed his parents. He lived with his grandma who punished him physically. A train, who didn't halt at his stop, crashes after he takes it apart and puts it back together again. Humpty continued to reassemble things that annoyed him, causing all of them to crash (elevators, cars). When he does it with a cash machine, his name is all over the news. When he works on the Gotham clock, he initiates a series of accidents that leads to Batgirl trying to arrest him. He falls from the roof, she catches him but this pulls her arms out of their sockets. He puts them back and leads her to his home, where he did the same trick with his grandma, to see what was wrong with her. He tells White that he plans the same for him.

Jane Doe is talking to a guard to get out of Arkham.

Harvey Bullock inspects a corpse with Jason Blood.



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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty murdered his grandma? 0

We start off once again with White lamenting the fact that in Arkham he's just a fish when on the outside he was "The Great White Shark." We're also quickly introduced to two more new characters. Junkyard dog, an inmate whose gimmick is.. he smells bad... okay. Also Doodlebug, an urban tagger turned famous artist turned homicidal nutcase all because he followed his "muse." Alone in their cell together, Humpty tells Warren his life story. I should note that the artwork in this scene is very well ...

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