Green Arrow #13

    Green Arrow » Green Arrow #13 - The Sound of Violence, Part One: Frequency released by DC Comics on May 2002.

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    Following a dinner with the Green Arrow and an appearance by the Riddler in the previous issue, Black Canary wakes up in her room at JSA headquarters to the sounds of Ollie and Carter Hall arguing outside. Enraged, she races out into the hallway naked to break up their fight–much to the shock of the other members of the household. She uses her sonic cry to break up their fight. Mr. Terrific uses his spheres to help Canary maintain a modicum of modesty, and she promptly leaves the embarrassed combatants to shuffling their feet.

    Meanwhile in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Onomatopoeia claims his second and third victims, a hero named Buckeye (originally from Ohio) and his wife. He hears about Green Arrow on a television broadcast and decides to make him his next victim.

    Later that morning, Ollie arrives in the kitchen of his own home just moments after Mia has attempted to flirt with Connor. Ollie asks Connor if he was able to patrol the previous night, which leads to them hitting the streets that evening. They stop a group of rapists in a public parking garage, and Ollie sends Connor to go pursue one who eluded him while Queen sees to the victim. But as Connor races outside, he finds that Onomatopoeia has decapitated the fleeing rapist with a fire axe. Connor tries to stop the strange villain, but only manages to disarm him before Onomatopoeia produces a handgun and shoots him in the head.


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    The Good: That cover is fantastic. It's a perfect intro to Onomatopoeia. The background is pure uninhibited chaos. Wild soudns all about screaming at you in bright colors. But your eyes are really drawn to the dark simple figure in the center, peaceful for but a single word. 'Snap.' The watercolor blend is a nice final touch, and sets this villain up the be unnerving from the start. The panel layouts do a great job at setting tempo with repetition. It creates perfect comedic timing in a media th...

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