Detective Comics #798

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #798 - War Games: Act 2 (Part 1): Undertow; Low (Part 2); released by DC Comics on November 1, 2004.

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    "War Games," Act 2, Part 1! Batman tries to maintain order in Gotham with the help of the G.C.P.D. But will it be enough when the Ravens hit town? And in the backup, Part 2 of the 3-part "Low."

    First story:

    War Games: Act 2 Part 1. Undertow

    Second story: Low Part Two

    Poison Ivy taunts the Riddler that he isn't so powerful likes of other super villians (Joker, Two-face etc. Riddler jumps to the river and Ivy starts 'hunting' him.

    The heat continues to rise in Gotham City in more ways than one. Firefly is setting numerous blazes, while Henry Aquista orders the death of Alexandra Kosov. Luckily for her, someone else reaches her first with a business proposition. Meanwhile, Tim Drake wonders what to do given the current crisis, Batman and Oracle have a heated conversation about the lack of a role he will allow her, and Onyx discharges herself from Leslie Thompkins' clinic. Batman asks Commissioner Akins to give him control of the police force for a few hours, a request which is not granted, and Tim Drake makes a decision. The city needs him, and he will return to his life as Robin.


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