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     In The Republic of Rheelasia, Generalissimo and President Singh Manh Lee are about to power thousands of homes in their country with natural gas reserves. The President flips the switch and instantly five thousand people are killed  in an explosion with ten thousand more injured. Various terrorist organizations are being blamed but none are admitting to the act. 
    In Seattle, Black Canary sits in her car listening to the story on the radio. She's also in the process of being carjacked by three thugs. With a few wise cracks she beats them all down into moaning motionless heaps. She takes their guns and drives home. 

    Her house shows several overdue bill warnings and messages on the answering machine from a bank and the credit department. Oracle has left a message as well and has a first class ticket to Gotham waiting at the airport. Dinah is out of there before the message ends. She hails a cab because her car is being towed and promises the driver a twenty to take her straight to the airport. 

    Nick Devine is offering the third world countries of the world "technology, Science, and Know how". He wants to make their homes into Paradise of Commerce and trade and foreign capital. He says it can be done because they have recourses. The people have Mineral, Agricultural, and human recources. A man in the crowd insinuates Devine wants to exploit them for his own profit and two men attack Devine with large blades. Devine waves off his security, dissarms and knocks out his two attackers with ease. 

    Dinah's plane lands and a squirrly little man hands her the keys to her rental car. A very exotic and expensive rental car. In the car is an audio tape from Oracle informing her of where she'll be staying. In her hotel room is a video tape and she plays it. 

    The tape shows the bombing in Rheelasia and various tid bits about Nick Devine. He's a multibillionaire who develops developing third world countries. It seems every project he works on turns ugly. A terrorist group calling themselves The Green Brotherhood are claiming responsibility. Oracle wants Dinah to get close to Devine and find out why the Green Brotherhood are after him and who they are. 

    Canary intercepts Devine at a Gala Fundraiser and when she sees him he's trying to talk money out of Bruce Wayne. She gets Devine's attention but General Mbarra wants to speak to Nick in private. Dinah makes something up as to why he should take her with him and it works. They all head up to Devine's private Suite. 

    A woman named Lynx is waiting in the room and they recognize each other. Lynx is boss queen of the Chinese Mafia and she identifies Dinah as a master combatant. Devine has hired Lynx and her gang as protection while he's in Gotham. 

    Some men crash through the window and start shooting up the place with crossbows. Devine saves the General's life with a tackle. Dinah and Lynx immediately fight back and the intruders are quickly defeated. However a man Dinah kicked out of a window snagged her leg and she is pulled out with him. Hanging by some curtains with the man weighing her down she sees he has a tattoo. 

    Lynx spears the man in the eye and he falls. She doesn't pull Dinah up and it looks like she's just going to let her fall. Devine grabs the curtain she was hanging from and brings her back in. Devine is happy with the double coverage and offers Dinah a job. She accepts.

    Oracle and Dinah discuss Lynx while Dinah drives back to her hotel. She took over the Gotham Asian Underworld and in the Chinese Mob it's unheard of for a woman to have that kind of power.  

    Oracle tries to identify the tattoo Dinah saw. After some checking she finds that no body was recovered and the suite is fine. They suspect Lynx of having something to do with the attacks and the Green Brotherhood. 

    After meeting Devine, the General and Lynx at the airport they take off for the General's home country of Bwunda. When they land, Devine explains his plans for a dam during a helicopter ride. 

    A terrorist attack shows a village burning and a man on the ground dying with the attackers standing over him. 

    Barbara and Dinah talk about how the Green Brotherhood is different from other fringe groups. "They are either really good or really small",  Is how Oracle sums them up. Dinah suspects the dam from the helicopter ride is going to be a target so she goes there. 

    Sure enough there a couple guys on the surface of the dam along with a few bodies. Black Canary makes quick work of the two men on the surface and spots more below her on the dam's face planting lots of explosives. 

    One of them she takes down fast but the other one is kept concious for information. As she is questioning him, rope is swung around her neck yanking her to the ground. It's Lynx and she gets a few kicks in to Dinah's face. Dinah then trips her up and they trade a few shots. Lynx gets the upperhand and then climbs to the top of the dam where she shoots her men and hits the explosives in the process. 

    Dinah is cheap shotted by Lynx and goes down. Oracle tells her to get up but she can't. Barbara asks if she remembers Batgirl. She asks her if she thinks she likes sending out agents to do her dirty work. She tells her she can't get off the mat to take down thugs like Lynx but Dinah still can. 

    Canary pulls herself to her feet and lands a kick on Lynx that lays her out. She asks her who her real boss is as the dam starts to break apart. Lynx says it's all a shadowplay. Separated by the cracking dam, Lynx gets away.

    Barbara is awakened by Canary in the middle of a weird dream. Dinah is walking among the village that was beneath the dam. It's flooded and the people are devastated. Dinah pulls a drowned child from the water. She wants Oracle to find Devine. She says he's the missing link. 

    Devine is in a meeting. A sales pitch much like the one he was giving earlier. Canary interupts and explains what's really going on. Devine has been using inexperienced labor and cheap building materials. He covers the scams up by having his terrorists destroy everything and then pockets lots of cash.

    Devine's guards attack and barely last a few seconds against Canary. Lynx is up next and Dinah sends her flying across the meeting table. Devine says he's no stranger to martial arts. He's competed professionally in Akido and Tae Kwan Do. He takes a swing at Canary and she catches his hand and seemingly breaks some fingers. She brings him to his knees and asks for one good reason why she shouldn't throw him in the street. 

    Oracle chimes in and says he's not worth it. Dinah tells her she didn't see the bodies. Barbara tells her that Scotland Yard has been contacted and is on the way to pick him up but it's not good enough for Dinah. After a brutal knee to the face she leaves. 

    Black Canary is driving in a yellow sports car and Oracle asks her about a vacation. It's not the vacation Dinah had in mind. Barbara asks if she wants to crack a white slavery ring. Dinah wants to know if she can bring the car.      



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