Birds of Prey: Revolution #1

    Birds of Prey: Revolution » Birds of Prey: Revolution #1 - Revolution released by DC Comics on April 1997.

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    In one-shot issue, the trail of a slave ring leads Black Canary and Oracle to the corrupt island-nation of Santa Prisca, now the site of a military coup with the Birds right smack in the middle of it. Just your typical vacation for our heroines--sun, surf, and smoking wreckage!

    A woman is being attacked by three men on a stage after an audition. They're trying to drug her with something, but the woman procedes to beat the crap out of all three of them while teasing them. The woman is Black Canary and she has Oracle in her ear making fun of her singing. The men are running a slavery ring and when they wake up Dinah threatens to beat them if they don't tell her where the other "auditions" are. She finds some people and they are drugged and ready to ship. Dinah comments "Veal calves get transported more humanely than this".

    Barbara does a search on the name of a cargo ship Dinah's "talent agent" gave her. She gets a lead and it's off to Santa Prisca (the Caribbean). Babs wants Dinah to stow away on an old cargo ship but instead Canary uses her expense account and books a first class flight.

    On the plane she views a short film on what to expect in Santa Prisca. The film introduces General and President for life of the Republic of Prisca--El Jefe del Mundo. Oracle finds out his real name is Juan Paolo Sebastion. From Oracle's findings it seems he took control by force.

    A man named Mr. Galiant wants in on the countries crop trade. Marco, the man he is meeting with, declines and tells him to take it up with El Jefe del Mundo, the island General. Galiant isn't too happy and has the mansion they met at blown up by a helicopter.

    Dinah bribes her way in the country with a bag of cigarettes. It was Oracle's plan and it worked. Dinah is approached by a kid who offers her a ride to her hotel. Oracle tells her not to go with him but she does anyways because he's so cute.

    The kid isn't much for watching the road but gets her to her hotel in one piece. Along the way they pass Pena Duro prison which holds the worst criminals of Santa Prisca, and the Presidential Palace of El Jefe del Mundo. The kid gives her a card with his pager number on it before he leaves. In the parking lot of the hotel we see two guys following them.

    Without a reservation Dinah almost has trouble getting a room. Mr. Galiant however, easily convinces the now nervous man at the desk to give her an ocean view, and asks Dinah out for dinner. She accepts.

    Dinah sees a few armed guys and wants to investigate. Two thugs later kick in her door and beat her while she's sleeping. A pull of the sheets reveals it's not her but cleverly placed pillows. Galiant is also there sitting in a chair and kills the two men with a pistol equipped with a sound suppressor.

    Close to docks now, Dinah tries to get even closer to a ship possibly loaded with slaves. She thinks the route she's taking won't be guarded but it is and armed guys jump her. After a tumble down a hill she lands and a man she was fighting with lands on top of her. It's Galiant and someone is paying him to take the country away from the General. Galiant's employers were screwed in a business deal. Dinah asks what kind of deal and when he reaveals it's about a certain "plant" she kicks him in the face.

    He drops his gun and she uses it to scare away his goons. Oracle wants to know if she hears gunfire. The goons take cover and return fire. Dinah tosses the gun and carefully but quickly slides down another large hill.

    Oracle says the mission is getting too complicated and orders Dinah to stop. She refuses and Babs gives her some background information on Galiant. His name shows up in several databases and again she orders Dinah to cease the mission. With a boatload of slaves, Dinah tells her to "get real". Oracle begins to yell and Canary puts her reciever in a pouch on her belt.

    Silently, Dinah sneaks on the ship she was looking for. She quickly knocks out a few thugs and finds the room holding the slaves. There are rows of them in cages.

    The kid that gave her a ride shows up with a big truck. She loads the people in and instructs the kid to get them to the American Consulate. She stays back to fight some guys trying to stop them. She takes a few out but gets clobbered from behind. Oracle manages to find the telephone number to Mr. Galiant and he picks up. She tells him if he doesn't play nice she'll ruin his day.

    Black Canary wakes up strapped to a table. El Jefe, the General, and a female Doctor are standing over her. The woman is a torturer and comes at Dinah with bone shears with plans to reach and cut up her sinus'.

    Galiant busts through the doors with a few men and the doctor orders them to put their weapons down or she cuts off Dinah's nose. It's not much of a stand off and Galiant shoots her in the head then frees Canary. She yells at him saying it doesn't make up for what he does. She's there to free slaves and asks him how many people will be made slaves by the stuff his employers make.

    Cola nuts. Galiant was hired by the people at the Zesti Cola company. When El Jefe took over Santa Prisca Billions in Cola crops were lost. After court failed they hired Galiant to knock him out of power. With Oracles help and a homing device on Black Canary, Galiant was able to move in.

    El Jefe's men are rounded up and with Oracle back in Canary's ear, Dinah chases after the big man. Oracle is still really pissed off and wants to talk but Canary is hanging from El Jefe's helicopter. She tackles him out and they plummet into the ocean below. Galiant decends from his own chopper and picks them up.

    Black Canary is walking along the beach talking to Oracle. Babs is still really angry that Dinah ignored her orders. Oracle says if they are going to work together then she is the word and hangs up.



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