The Amazing Spider-Man #92

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #92 - When Iceman Attacks released by Marvel on January 1971.

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    Spider-Man vs. Iceman.

    At the end of the previous issue, Spider-Man swung into his apartment to find Sam Bullit and Gwen Stacy inside, who told him that this proved there's a connection between him and Peter Parker. To throw suspicion off himself being Peter Parker, Spider-Man grabs Gwen, and leaps out the window with her. However, as Spider-Man swings around, he passes Bobby Drake (Iceman) in his civilian clothes, who quickly follows him as Iceman.

    As Iceman and Spider-Man fight on a rooftop, the police arrive, and throw a cordon around the block. Not wishing to be caught, Spider-Man leaves, whilst Iceman takes Gwen to street level. Bullit manages to make it look as if Iceman works for him in front of the press, so that even if Iceman manages to stop Spider-Man, he'll still get the credit.

    However, unfortunately for Bullit, J. Jonah Jameson calls up to tell him that the Daily Bugle is withdrawing its support of Bullit. Bullit and some of his thugs go to Jmeson's office, to try and threaten him into supporting them once more. Jameson explains that they're withdrawing support since Bullit's thugs attacked Peter Parker. What's more, Robbie Robertson has information on how Bullit is going to be using his powers to his advantage should he become D.A.

    A few hours later, Robbie is in his office when some of Bullit's thugs kidnap him. Luckily Peter Parker is at the Bugle when this happens, and he changes to Spider-Man so that he can follow them. When he starts swinging after them, however, Spider-Man is attacked by Iceman, who has found him and thinks he's up to no good. After a brief fight between the two, Spider-Man ties Iceman up with webbing, and keeps following the car Robbie's in, which was slowed down by bad traffic.

    The thugs with Robbie reach an abandoned warehouse, and Spider-Man creeps on the rooftop, listening as they prepare to kill Robbie. Meanwhile, Iceman has found Spider-Man, but upon seeing Robbie about to be killed, he realises that Spider-Man was right all along. The two then stop Bullit's thugs.

    Later, Bullit is at a press conference when Spider-Man and Iceman come in, and tell him that with Robbie's evidence and his thugs's confessions, he's going to be arrested. Although Bullit denies it, the police come in a minute later and arrest him.


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