Green Lantern Corps #10

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #10 - Friends in Need released by DC Comics on May 1, 2007.

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    On Oa, Guy Gardner is getting a hard time from Salaak for leaving his ring behind on his shore leave. He is sentenced to another year-long ban of vacation. Guy leaves upset and heads for his duties as the graduation day approaches for the new recruits.

    In a Korugarian alley, Soranik--dressed in disguise--witnesses a knife fight and one of them gets injured. Pulling out her power lantern and calling for them to stop they scurry thinking the Green Lanterns are evil. The one that is wounded doesn't get very far and Soranik begins to use her power ring and medical expertise to heal the wounded stranger. While she's healing him others come to witness this event and are shocked at seeing a Green Lantern using his/her powers for good. It is still instilled in their population that Green Lanterns are evil and corrupt people who use their powers only for evil. Seeing Soranik heal one of their own, a crowd forms and comes to her for healing.

    Guy is sent on a mission to Clustral to help a sector which is in need of help. An anomolous matter discharge from a white dwarf star has disrupted the orbit environment. It must be stabilized before the localized atmosphere is compromized. Guy learns, upon entering the system, that there are already two other Lanterns on the scene--Tanakata Z and Quond. Guy immediately seeks out their location.

    Heading to Mogo, Isamot and Vath speak about Isamot's recent actions on his homeworld and his ex-girlfriend. While arriving on the surface of Mogo, Isamot comes across Green Man and is shocked to see another Lantern on the surface. I guess Isamot has never seen Green Man before and meets his acquaintance.

    Back on Korugar, the lines are long for Soranik's medical treatment. Soranik's ring is running out of power and she out of energy. Soranik calls it quits for the day at the reluctance of the people of Korugar. The police, wondering what all the commotion is, show up and break up the party. They attempt to forcably stop Soranik from helping the bumbs. Just as the shooting begins Soanik is joined by Kilowog and Iolande. Knowing that this is what the Korugarians fear most--an invasion by the Green Lanterns--she tells Kilowog and Iolande to go easy on them. Soranik wants to demonstrate that Lanters protect not injure.

    Still patching things up in Clustral, Tanakata Z is trying to toughen up Quond by having him defy Guy's orders. Tanakata thinks that he or Quond shouldn't have to follow orders of anyone, especialy Guy's. After Guy straightens them up a little, Tanakata convinces Quond to leave the planet and Guy to finish up by himself.

    In Oa, Kilowog, Iolande, and Soranik are discussing the political climate of Korugar and how the Lanterns can change their opinion of the Green Lanters and the Green Lantern Corps. Soranik thinks that Iolande is just spouting off at the mouth and doesn't want to take words from a "rookie" so her and Iolande get in a shouting match. Kilowog is there to break it up and assigns those two as new partners.



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    Learns how to steal and learns how to fight in the ghetto 0

    There is just about not enough going on here to reduce this to simply an average issue.  In fact most of the issue is pretty average with Guy dealing with a couple of feuding Green Lanterns who are trying to rescue a deep space hive like structure.  Back on Oa the usual politics are at place with mostly Salaak, Kilowog and Guy not be able to come to any resolution on their common problems.  Meanwhile Isamot and Vath visit Mogo so that Isamot can feel some relief over his lack of ability to mate....

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