Green Lantern Corps #7

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #7 - The Dark Side of Green Part 1 released by DC Comics on February 1, 2007.

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    One of the Dominators has captured and is torturing a prisoner in their homeworld. He is doing this to gain favor with the "castle leaders".

    In hyperspace Guy is taking a new recruit, R'amey Holl, under his wing. They are traveling to Corona Seven on an assignment. They are to search out Von Daggle on an ice planet in the far reaches of space. When they arrive their rings both say that there are no life forms on this planet and Guy questions R'amey what should be their next course of action. She suggests that they contact Oa for further instruction. Guy, on the other hand, likes to get his hands dirty. Therefore, he proceeds to enter the planet's atmosphere and heads for the surface to find out for himself. She follows and their instincts lead down a large canyon toward the center of the planet.

    As they begin their decent they start to notice signs of life and civilization. Smoke, buildings, fire, and huts. It looks like a small village and they continue to follow their instincts. Sooner or later, they come across Von Daggle and he wants nothing to do with the Lanters, Corps, or the Guardians. He orders them to leave and never return.

    The Dominators are using the prisoners to test out a new development. They are trying to create an army of vicious killers. They almost have it, but they are concerned about one aspect--these killers that they've designed are too vicious! They need to develop a remote "kill switch" so they can stop these things from attacking themselves.

    Back on Corona Seven, Guy and R'amey are stripped of their rings and dumped on the freezing cold to die. R'amey collapses from frostbite and Guy is struggling to stay alive long enough to find shelter. Guy has to slap R'amey around a little to wake her up enough for her to fly both of them back into the canyon toward that village. They crash land in the middle of it and Guy goes off to find Daggle by himself ordering R'amey to get some rest.

    Daggle, because he's a shape-shifter, plays a trick on Guy and they get into an argument. Gives them their rings back and tells them to check the message from the Guardians.

    The message is intended for Daggle and calls him back to action and to serve the Corps once again after a long time away. It also requests him to team up with Guy and R'amey to head to the Dominator's homeworld to retrieve an artifact from them to save them from themselves.

    They meet back up with Daggle and the first thing he tells them to do is remove their uniforms and power rings. They will not be needing them on their journey. Daggle has a black stone for each of them to swallow which gives them power enough for five earth days. Off they go to the Dominator's homeworld



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    Remote Ice World 0

    The issue is a break from the storytelling format of the previous few issues, where the issues told three concurrent stories.  As it has stood for the past few issues though, the main action here revolves around Guy, except in this case his story is the only one.  guy is paired with R'amey Holl to find Von Daggle on an icy planet and to deliver a message to him.  He is initially skeptical and turns this around on the Lanterns attacking them.  This does not turn out in a big battle rather there w...

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