Green Lantern Corps #1

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #1 - To Be a Lantern released by DC Comics on August 2006.

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    Responding to a distress signal, Soranik and Myrrt head for Betrassus. Soranik heads to save people from a fire and Myrrt begins crowd control. After putting up a protective sheild, one of the Betrassuians shoots the shield and winds up killing himself. This is greatly disturbing to Soranik and she leaves the planet in the middle of the mission.  Shortly thereafter, all people are saved/rescued and they are greeted by the Prince of Betrassus, Ragnar.

    Back on Oa, Guy's shore leave time is up and he isn't getting it. Furious he heads for the Guardians...he is stopped abruptly by Salaak. Salaak says that the Guardians see nobody but himself and that he will relay the message to them in due course. Guy isn't happy about this resolution so he threatens to burst into the Guardian's chambers with or without Salaak's help.  Kilowog hears the commotion and steps in to diffuse the situation.

    In Sector 2682, Vath is having difficulty rescuing a space ship from inside a minefield. He calls for back up but Kol is nowhere to be found. Just in the nick of time he shows up and assists Vath in destroying the mines. Isamot pushes Vath's buttons a little and gets punched in the face. He gives him a freebie then leaves Vath to clean up the remaining mines.

    On Oa, Kilowog hears that Soranik has deserted Myrrt in the middle of her mission and asks Guy to investigate. They come across Natu on Oa and confront her about deserting her mission. Natu states that she's going to resign and believes her ring is cursed.

    Myrrt is lead to talk to the King of Betrassus. He, the King, compliments him on his swift action in helping to save what's left of his people. Ragnar then takes Myrrt to his trophy room and professes his admiration for the Green Lantern Corps. Ragnar also states that he would give anything up to become a member of the Corps.

    Soranik still believes that her ring is "cursed" . Kilowog and Guy convince her that it's just rookie fever and that it happens to everyone. Just at that moment, Soranik recieves another distress call from Myrrt on Betrassus asking for immediate back up--they're under attack again. Putting her ring back on her finger she rushes off to assist. Kilowog instructs Guy to head off with her and provide some assistance even though he was due for shore time.



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    It is easy being green 0

    This issue does basically everything you would want a first issue to do for a series with a group of established characters.  It introduces a relatively inexperienced member into the mix (Natu) while showing some conflict between the older member of the group (mostly caused by Guy.  The action for future issues is also set as Natu returns to Oa, ready to quit after a conflict, while claiming that her ring is cursed.  There is not much action outside of the initial panels but the scene is set for...

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