Green Lantern Corps #6

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #6 - The Price of Duty released by DC Comics on January 1, 2007.

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    Starts off on Oa and Kilowog is giving orders to the new recruits. One recruit, in particular, is giving Kilowog a hard time. Iolande doesn't think that she's fit for a data entry duty since she's a princess and the "top recruit". She believes that she is more fit for a spot on the front lines fighting with the other Lanterns. Hearing the commotion, Salaak arrives to diffuse the situation and reiterates Kilowog's order.

    On Ranx, Guy and Thos continue their kidnapping investigation on the surface. They spot what they believe to be the getaway vehicle and begin a closer search. Getting closer to the space ship they notice that a group of locals are dismantling the ship part by part. As they swoop in they scatter and the two Lanters are able to snatch a few before they can get away. They begin to question them. As they're questioning them Ranx manifests itself in a rock golem and demands that they, the Lanters, leave now.

    In the Koragur hospital Soranik stands trial for performing a surgery by herself and without the approved tools--she used her power ring to assist her in the surgery. Soranik, admits to using her ring to assist her in the surgery to the tribunal. Because she readily admits to using her ring she is banned from practicing medicine on Koragur for life--even though the patient lived and is expected to make a full and speedy recovery. Soranik storms out of the hospital and leaves Koragur.

    Back on Ranx, Guy and Thos do a little "house cleaning" to clean up the rock golem and are back on to their investigation. Thos beleives that he spots a pair of suspicious individuals and go in for a closer look. Getting a bright idea, Guy decides to follow power wires all the way down in hopes of getting to Ranx's brain.

    Returning to Thanagar, Vath and Isamot return to the surface to assess the damage of the fleet attack. Vath isn't greeted with much of a warm welcome and Isamot immediately looks for Qalyra, his supposed "mate". Isamot is directed towards a hut and rushes in to see her when he gets a shocking discovery.

    Guy and Thos continue to follow the wires until they reach what appears to be Ranx's brain. They see a bunch of chords connected to a large ball of something. Just before they begin disconnecting these wires Ranx warns them that Lanterns are not allowed to harm a sentient being. Guy's plan to play "good cop, bad cop" winds up paying off and they only have to disconnect a few wires before Ranx gives up the location of the kidnapping suspects. They both rush off to locate them given the location by Ranx. They continue to the location which turns out to be a sewer tunnel. They follow down the tunnels until they come across an adult and a little one chained together. They hail them to hault and untie the little guy. Once they do so they realize that the tables have turned, the little guy actually was the kidnapper and the adult-sized figure was the victim. Once they try and take the real kidnapper into custody he shouts something about a "white lobe" and detonates himself. Due to the shockwave of the blast they get vomitted out of the sewers and into the atmosphere. This is where Guy and Thos part ways, Guy heads back to Oa for a shower and Thos to return the girl to her family.



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    The three stories which have been running this series since three issues are carried on here.  The main focus of the action as with last issue surrounds Guy as he and Thos attempt to find a kidnapped person on Ranx, and in order to do so they use an alternate method.  Instead of chasing down the kidnapper they simply make the sentient (yet hostile) city tell them where to look.  This provided most of the action for the issue and was really the engine which drove it along.  The backup stories wit...

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