Green Lantern Corps #2

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #2 - Death Trail released by DC Comics on September 1, 2006.

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    Strange and high-profile murders are cropping up around a dozen large star systems. Police heroes, undefeated gladiators, and freedom fighters--just to name a few--were slain without apparent motive. Running probabilities on the trends Ragnar and Stentar warrior princes of Betrassus have scored high on a likely target of the next attempted murder.

    Continuing on from the last issue, Guy and Soranik are on their way back to Betrassus to give Myrrt a hand in keeping back the opposing forces and saving the life of Ragnar.

    Currently on that planet, Iolande is joining her brothers fight back the warriors now unable to protect her people any further by herself.

    Upon arrival in Betrassus, Guy and Soranik learn of Myrrt's death and immediately join the fight.

    On Mogo, Vath sits and contemplates his prior life and recalls memories both good and bad. Mogo tries to comfort him and offers advice. Vath knows he has an anger problem and appears to want to do something about it. He leaves Mogo.

    Back on Betrassus they all gather round their fallen to mourn their deaths. Guy notices that one of those yellow mechs has a leaky reactor and plans on following its trail to find out how they made landfall. Guy begins to head out when Ragnar offers his local expertise and terrain knowledge. Guy reluctantly accepts and they're off to track down their adversary.

    While Guy and Ragnar are gone Soranik begins to perform a non-obtrusive autopsy on Myrrt's body. It appears that he perished because something damaged the willpower part of Myrrt's brain. As she's finishing up performing the autopsy, she is approached by Iolande and she states that they both have something in common. They both do not want to rest until their partner or brother's death has been avenged. They do not want them to have died in vain. Soranik, sends Myrrt's body back to Oa by the power of his ring and sets off into the town to begin the search for the culprit.

    Guy and Ragnar continue on the trail of the leaky reactor and come across a sentient being packing up his things. As he's approached by Guy he attempts to flee, only the guily flee. He is captured by Guy and he begins his interrogation when Rangar offs his head before any valuable information is given. This infuriates Guy as their only lead now is dead.

    Continuing her quest to find how Myrrt was drugged, Soranik begins to hit the streets of the nearby town. She begins by questioning the locals as to where she can get a strong "potion". She is pointed in the direction of a tavern with the Skull Mortar. She enters and begins to question the alchemist. As soon as he finds out she's with the Green Lantern Corps he tries to make his escape. She calls for Guy's help, he comes immediately

    On his way back to Oa, Vath returns to his new home looking to get some rest and relaxation. As soon as he sits down there is a distress signal from his sector. He immediately gets up and begins to make his way back out to his sector.

    Back on Betrassus, the funeral for Stentar is well underway. Ragnar is asked if he can put aside his aspirations to become a Green Lantern and one day rule as King of Betrassus. This funeral gathering gets interrupted with more bad news, Natu has fallen...Guy didn't arrive fast enough.



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    After an excellent lead-in issue to start the series, it is evident that it is off to a good start with this issue.  There were so many nuances in this issue that although very little action occurred, that is was still very compelling.  The action mostly follows Soranik and Guy as they are investigating the murders on Betrassus.  The two head off in different directions as Guy follows an energy trail to the likely whereabouts of one of those responsible for the attacks.  This was an interesting ...

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