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This year-long weekly series featuring a cast of hundreds kicks into high gear in its third month! Learn more about the search for Ray Palmer! Travel into the Nanoverse! All this plus appearances by the Suicide Squad, the Penguin and the Atom!

1st story: "The Funeral"

In Keystone City, the town has been shut down to mourn the loss of the Flash. Jimmy Olsen is taking pictures and compares the gathering of the service to royalty. The heroes of the DC Universe attend the wake of Bart Allen (Flash).

Jay Garrick presides over the service, followed by Cyborg, Wonder Girl and Robin, each sharing memories of Bart. Robin then plays a video Bart made after getting shot by Deathstroke, just in case a mission went bad.

The Monitor, Jason Todd and Donna Troy watch in secret. The Monitor says that they are running out of time, and that they must go to the nanoverse to find Ray Palmer. Jason loses his temper with the Monitor and Donna has to break them up.

Jimmy spots Jason, Donna and the Monitor, but when he gets to where they were, they are flying away. Jimmy ponders what to do with his newfound powers, and makes a decision.

Piper and the Trickster attend in civilian attire. Trickster says they should leave, but Piper thinks they should pay their respects. They decide to leaves and when they get to they parking lot and are attacked. Deadshot and Multiplex shoot both of them. Deadshot says they are embarrassments to the villain community.

Monarch asks Forerunner to train his army, and when she declines, he asks her to be his general and lead his troops. Forerunner learns that the rest of her people are dead, and vows to kill all the Monitors.

Holly Robinson is on what appears to be Paradise Island, but is still the Athenian Women's Help Shelter, in Metropolis, from last issue. Athena tells Holly she can stay there as long as she likes. Then a woman appears with some tea and tells Holly how the place turned her life around. The woman then introduces herself as Harleen Quinzel.

2nd story: "History Of The Multiverse"(Chapter 7)

The Monitors dicuss previous events that took place in the past. Their talk was about Crisis On Infinite Earths(#1-12), The Last Days Of The Justice Society Of America(#1), Superman(#75), Emerald Twilight(Grenn Lantern #48-50), Final Night(#1-4), Identity Crisis(#1-7) and Countdown(#1, one-shot)



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The Wake for the greatest FLash ever occurs. It is very sad and even has a pre taped talk with Bart that would be shown on his death. It was done well.The Monitor, Jason Todd, and Donna Troy are there in secret and are on a mission to go through the 52 multiverses to find The Atom Ray Palmer. That should be cool.Jimmy decides he should do something with his powers...unfortunately dying is not one of his powers.Pied Piper and Trickster also attend in disguise and they leave after Wonder Girl prom...

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