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This year-long weekly series featuring a cast of hundreds kicks into high gear in its second month, under the watchful eye of head writer Paul Dini! See Mary Marvel undergo a surprising transformation! Learn why Donna Troy and Jason Todd are integral players in a cosmic chess game! And see Jimmy Olsen as you've never seen him before!

Mary arrives at the Rock Of Eternity and sees her newly changed brother. He tells her that now he is everything that Captain Marvel and Shazam were. He says he is the Rock of Eternity and the Rock is him. He mentions that Freddy is undergoing the trials to become the new Shazam (although it seems he should become the new Captain Marvel?). Mary tells him how she's been looking for them and has been powerless after her coma. Billy tells her that there's a big problem which is why he brought her there.

In Washington, Forerunner is still dealing with the sting of being completely rejected and thrown away by the Monitor. A voice asks if she wonders why the Monitors called her "Forerunner." She responds by attacking, firing numerous needles at the person speaking to her. It turns out to be Monarch, who easily bats the needles away. He tells her that the Monitors fear her and have kept information hidden from her race. They simply used them for centuries. Monarch offers her redemption. He offers to set her on the path so that she can become her own master. She agrees to go with him saying she will kill him if he breaks her word to him.

In Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen is walking through Suicide Slum. He's looking for trouble in the hopes that he'll be able to get his powers to work. He comes across a street gang and starts a fight with them. One member punches him with no sign of any powers. As Jimmy lies on the ground, he offers his money in the hopes that they will be satisfied with that. As a second member draws nearer, Jimmy's body suddenly shoots out a bunch of needle/spikes that pierce the guy's skin. They flee and the spines retract themselves back into Jimmy. He has no idea what is going on.

In another part of Metropolis, Holly Robinson is with the women offering her a place to stay. She says she runs a women's shelter. Holly figures she could just check it out and maybe get a meal out of it and then leave. Inside she finds all the women dressed in togas reminiscent to what the Amazons (or ancient Greeks) wore.

In Keystone City, the Piper and Trickster are on the run from the police. They don't know what they can do now that they "killed" the Flash. Piper says that they didn't kill him but Trickster says that doesn't matter. They were with the other Rogues so they are all guilty. When Piper suggests going to the JLA, Trickster says they'd probably get Zatanna to mind-wipe them or worse, hand them over to Batman. They decide they have to stay on the run. As they leave, they are being watched and followed in the hopes of leading them to the others.

Back at the Rock of Eternity, Billy tells Mary he is concerned with the way she fought the Pharyngula demon. He says she was extremely savage and brutal with the way she took it down. He also mentions that her costume has changed. Mary tells Billy that Adam shared his powers with her. This causes a shocked reaction from Billy. She says she had no other choice. She was alone and powerless. Billy says perhaps it was her destiny to become powerless and lead a normal life. Mary says perhaps it was destiny that she got her powers from Adam. She says she is going to use her powers for good and if Billy doesn't approve then she'll just face her destiny alone.

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History of the Multiverse, Chapter Six


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Sorry I have been out of town and not able to do a review. Let's begin.The cover with the Monarch is very foreboding. I don't know much about him...but now I wonder who is in the armor. As far as I know Hawk/Extant/Monarch is dead. Maybe this is one of his time traveling copies or someone else...who knows. Mary she looks good in her new costume. I think from what we see here...Capt. Marvel and Freddy have treated her like crap. I understand why she took her new powers. And she still...

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