The Amazing Spider-Man #88

    The Amazing Spider-Man » The Amazing Spider-Man #88 - The Arms of Doctor Octopus! released by Marvel on September 1, 1970.

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    Dr. Octopus escapes from prison and decides to take over an airplane! Will Spider-Man get there in time to save everyone?

    In a museum, Doctor Octopus's arms are on display to the public, although unknown to them, Doctor Octopus has been practicing and can now mentally control them from even further than before. Using this now, the arms break out of the museum, and are soon found by Spider-Man. Although Spidey does his best to stop them, the arms break a wall, and manage to escape whilst Spider-Man holds it up with his webbing. He then changes to his Peter Parker identity and goes to university, but is told by Professor Warren that he is in danger of failing, since he's missed out on so many classes.

    Meanwhile, at the prison where Doc Ock is being held, his arms break him out, and he hastily reattaches them. He then stows away on a plane just as it takes off, before making his way to the front of the plane. Unfortunately, a man named General Su is on board, and since the United Nations are desperate for him to be safe whilst in America, Doctor Octopus decides to hold him to ransom for ten million dollars.

    When Robbie Robertson hears this at the Daily Bugle, he and Peter Parker both head off to the airport. Upon getting there, they find a large mob in the airport, who don't want General Su on American soil. Peter sneaks off and changes to Spider-Man, and manages to get to the roof of the plane. From there, he shoots webbing into Doctor Octopus's eyes, and whilst he distracts Doc Ock, everybody else on the plane escapes. Although still blinded, Doctor Octopus starts the plane with one of his tentacles, and Spider-Man quickly jumps off. Moments later, the plane explodes, seemingly killing Doctor Octopus.


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