Justice #2

    Justice » Justice #2 - The Justice League of America in: Justice, Chapter Two released by DC Comics on December 2005.

    The Riddler leads Batman into a mystery within a mystery through his compulsion to speak the truth through riddles. Does he hold the key to the reason the villains are helping mankind? Plus, Aquaman falls victim to one of the DCU's most nefarious criminals!

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    Riddler and his henchmen are in Wayne Tower, using the powerful computers to hack into Batman's network. The building's surveillance system identifies the presence of Bruce Wayne in the building. As Riddler completes the transfer of the computer files onto a removable disk, the security system informes the villains that Wayne has stopped outside their door. However, when the door opens, Batman greets the villains instead.

    Riddler and his men dash from the building into a van; Batman follows in the Batmobile. He receives a call from Red Tornado, informing him that Aquaman is still missing. Batman stops Riddler's van and pursues him to a club called the Batcave. The two trade blows before the villain's associates grab Batman. However, in a bar named for Batman, he has many allies. The Riddler unleashes a torrent of light and question marks and escapes; Batman gathers a few clues, and leaves.

    Elsewhere Jonathan Crane (aka the Scarecrow) is seen administering an injection to a sickly girl, who miraculously walks again. Flash runs to a desert which has been revitalized. The inhabitants inform him that a man arrived with a gun that first made ice, and that the ice became the sea. Flash wonders what Captain Cold could be up to. Elsewhere, Poison Ivy commands a huge stalk to grow, providing an entire city with much-needed food.

    Batman trails Riddler to the cemetery, armed with heat goggles that make him immune to Riddler's hologram technology. He attacks Riddler again, finally besting the villain and demanding the disk. As Batman holds him, the Riddler begins to strangle himself. Finally, he releases his grip and asks what's wrong with him. Back in the Batcave, Batman tells Alfred that he is very concerned that the Riddler had his hands on the disk's information. In Arkham, Riddler interacts with the Joker, who has heard about the apocalyptic dreams the others are having, and he wants to be involved in the grand scheme.

    Elsewhere, Aquaman lies strapped to a table; he is to be subject to experiments. Brainiac appears bearing a scalpel, informing Aquaman that he wants to get inside his head.



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    Broken Toys 0

    There´s such mystery in this issue and that´s because the writers - Krueger and Ross - really captured the true essences of the Ridler and Batman - always playing the detective. Though I must admit it´s not easy keeping up with the Bat´s thinking, this was a very creative and intelligent issue, really balanced with the amazing art - action no stop - and the intriguing dialogues between Nigma and Bruce. Also the narrative from the perspective of Batman was so good, showing how versatile and adapt...

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