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The story begins as dozens of missiles simultaneously strike the Earth. The members of the Justice League of America independently fail to rescue humanity. Throughout the sequence, an unseen narrator laments the human race's idolization of and reliance on superheroes which has led to the destruction of Earth and all of its inhabitants except Superman, who flies into space at the last moment. The sequence is revealed to be a nightmare shared by several supervillains.

The story shifts to Aquaman who, after his own sleepless night, reveals to his wife Mera that he senses the presence of something in the oceans that does not belong there. A school of sharks arrive and lead him to the object, a massive city-sized black sphere. Aquaman is attacked by Black Manta and his henchmen and rendered unconscious. Aquaman is conveyed into the sphere and delivered to Lex Luthor, who is revealed as the issue's narrator.


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Bad Dreams 0

 Like a moth who´s drawn to a flame I´ve become a faithful follower of this spectacular creative team of Krueger, Ross and Braithwaite, not only because of the cutting edge and impressive art work and beautiful colors, but also due to the great dialogues and aproach of characters that Krueger and Ross usually do. The writing team often does a tremendous job in the characterization, the particular details that make a character unique and this was bullseye all the way, no doubt about it. Th...

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Super Saturday Mornings 0

This was an homage to Super Friends? Really? Seriously? Okay.Honestly, it never read or felt like a slavish, blatant tribute to Saturday mornings. Maybe it was because it featured the full Justice League line-up and dispensed with Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Samurai; Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog; and Zan, Jayna and Gleek. This reads more like a definitive Bronze Age Justice League story. What Super Friends could have and should have been. The story is a little heavy and melodramatic for Saturday...

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