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Jimmy Olsen walks down a dark alley while using his watch to Superman. Superman tells Olsen to go to a door at the end of the alley and he uses his laser vision to open the door from space. Inside, Jimmy finds Jason Todd fighting several ninjas. After Jason soundly defeats his enemies, Jimmy compliments him and tells him why he's there.

Jimmy Olsen has been assigned to report on the death of Duela and his first interview is with Jason Todd, the Red Hood. (He was the only one to see the murder.) Jimmy asks for so information as to what went on, but all Jason can tell him is that Duela was killed by an alien that was "probably powerful" after trying (and failing) to kidnap some famous person. After she was killed, the alien's twin showed up and took the first alien away before he could kill Jason.

In Greenwich Village, New York, Mary Marvel is sitting with Madame Xanadu to see if she can help her find Freddie Freeman. Instead of helping with her search, Madame Xanadu talks about Mary and her lost powers. She says she has a destiny but it is uncertain. She may go through trials and she might get her powers back (or some version of them), but if she does, she must never go to Gotham City. Mary asks why but doesn't get a straight answer, just that it's not "safe for magic."

Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Batman fights against a brainwashed Karate Kid. The temporally displaced hero thinks his name is Trident, but he still remembers, at least a little bit, how to fight. He's defeating Batman in hand to hand when Black Lightning shocks him from behind. Batman then says they'll take him to the Justice League headquarters.

At a house in Keystone, some of Flash's Rogues (and their lady friends) are hanging out. While they drink and do some drugs, Mirror Master appears and tells them that Captain Cold and Inertia are planning something special, and they're all invited. Well, most of them. Mirror Master has a problem with Trickster and Pied Piper, former good guys, and tells them. A little scuffle breaks out but Heat Wave stops it. Mirror Master leaves, but not before telling Piper and Trickster that they'll have to prove themselves. And if they don't, he'll kill them.

Jimmy continues his search for answers in Arkham Asylum, where Joker is imprisoned. He tells Joker his daughter is dead and the clown acts like he's heartbroken and distraught. Suddenly he stops feigning sadness and starts acting like his normal crazy self. He tells Jimmy that it's all a universal conspiracy and his daughter isn't dead since he doesn't even have one. He starts laughing and Olsen walks away. He gets on his phone and starts to call someone, unaware that Killer Croc has broken loose and is right behind him with his mouth open, ready to bite.


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Well, I've read both issues so far. They were okay, but they seemed like they were really short. It seems as though nothing at all has happened yet. Basically, It reviewed what's going on in the JLA/JSA crossover, the "Lightning Saga". Darkseid has a plan... again. And it's introduced Jason Todd as the new "Red Hood", as well as the photographer Jimmy Olsen, and has revealed that Mary Marvel no longer has any powers. Oh, and Duela Dent has been killed by one of the "monitors". It's not as great ...

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