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It's the collision you've been waiting for: the Iron Fists of two different eras come head to head! Daniel Rand: the Iron Fist of the modern age, rocketed back to front and center of the Marvel Universe. Orson Randall: the Iron Fist of decades past, somehow still alive, somehow still on the run from the nightmare of the first World War, and somehow…sharing…the power of the Iron Fist with Danny. They'll have to learn to work together if they want to escape a trap that sprang to life centuries ago, their shared mystical lineage may be their only hope at surviving HYDRA’s full-on assault against…THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST! Written by Ed Brubaker (CAPTAIN AMERICA) and Matt Fraction (PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, CASANOVA) and drawn by the brilliant David Aja (DAREDEVIL) with Travel Foreman (ARES).



The lords of the seven capital cities of Heaven meet. One of their "weapons" refuses to fight for them. This Iron Fist has insulted millennia of tradition and they agree that he must pay.


Daniel Rand and Orson Randall continue to fight Hydra in Orson's secret base. Orson runs off and retrieves a book that contains the history of the Iron Fist. Daniel and Orson manage to escape Hydra. Escaping to the surface, Orson hands the book to Danny. It is written on parchment made from the scales of Shou-Lao. It contains the history from the very first Iron Fist and has all of their kung-fu. Orson tells Danny that they will be going after him next. He will need the book to survive. He tells Danny about the time they came after him. He told them that he refused to fight for them. Orson was told that he was to be stripped of his station. Orson could not bear the thought of giving it all up and struck out and killed one of them. He had no choice but run away from K'un-Lun.

Elsewhere, Davos prepares to attack Rand Corporate Headquarters. At Rand, Mr. Hogarth, Danny's lawyer, tells his side of the story. Danny did not want to deal with the Chinese. They then kidnapped Hogarth's mother and sent him her finger. He agreed to the deal without Danny knowing. He is asking Luke Cage, Collen Wing, and Misty Knight to help him. They agree just as Hydra is rappling down outside the window.

Danny takes Orson through a maze of his properties that leads to his place. As they arrive in his room, they find the place filled with Davos and a room full of Hydra agents.



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The New Legend of Iron Fist 0

I'll have to admit that the beginning of this issue turned me off a little. The introductions of the lords of the capital cities of Heaven made me feel like the story was forcing me to think that Iron Fist was more important then he was. That was something the series had avoided thus far. Sure it introduced us to a new Iron Fist mythos, but it never made me feel like they were trying to make him more important then he was. Everything that I just wrote is all the thought I put in to that... becau...

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