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Enough is enough! The tension between the X-Men, the 198, and the O*N*E has finally reached a breaking point. As the Marvel Universe is ripped apart by the Civil War, the X-Men also find themselves crumbling from the inside out. Will they fold-up and admit defeat, or will the X-Men finally start to fight back? Find out here!


Beast and Kitty Pride are watching a debate on television about the current situation of mutants, when a riot breaks out in the 198 camp outside the mansion.

Shatterstar and Domino of X-Force have started a riot as cover for a breakout attempt of the 198. The ONE(Office of National Security) arrives with the piloted Sentinels to regain control of the situation. The ONE squad is being led by Colonel Reyes(the brother of X-Men Ceceila Reyes), along with the X-Men's Bishop attempt to stop the escape. Caliban is able to use his psychic powers on Bishop, enabling the 198 to flee. When the other X-Men arrive on the scene, Domino tells Cyclops and the others that 'to stop them they would have to kill them' and Scott lets them go. After Emma helps Bishop regain his bearings, he gets in Cyclops face about letting the 198 leave, upset he leaves the mansion.


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